Saturday, October 24, 2009

Retail display ideas

I was recently picked up by a local retail shop, Gifts With A Heart, in Raleigh and was faced with the "display dilemma ". There is not enuff space for busts (and I prefer not to use them) T-Bars do not show case your work, the display area is limited so I can't use my props - what is an artist to do!

Oh the confines!! They burn!! They burn!!!

I took into consideration the amount of space I would have to work with and began the hunt for the perfect display piece. I happened upon the jewelry display section at Firemountain Gems and found the Chain and Necklace display, economically priced with four to a pack. I got them in black and in clear. These are quite nice and exactly what I need.

Trying to set up and take pictures for my blog can be trying at times. Meet Zeus, he demands your attention as well......

This display will hold several necklaces, allowing you to see the design front on, as opposed to a side veiw.

The other bonus to this type of display, is it allows me to add my business card to the tag of each necklace, because the tags hang behind the display!

Let me explain :)

I took advantage of the fact that the store owner allowed me to use my business cards and encouraged me to market myself. (some don't believe it or not) One other thing to take into consideration in a set up like this, if a customer has a question about the components of the piece, unless the sales clerk is familiar with all of the products, the customer may not get their answer.

Let's solve this, shall we :)

I used shipping labels and printed them out with information about each piece.

Applied the label to the back of one of my business cards, added a colorful stamp to make the price easy to find, added the inventory number to the corner, popped a hole in it and tied it with ribbon to the jewelry.

All the informaiton the store owner needs and the customer wants to know is all right there, and allows me to do a bit of advertising.

Nice, tidy, neat display, takes up next to no space, and can hold up to 12 pieces. Perfect.

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