Monday, October 26, 2009

Beadin Path Design Partner - Cremesicles and Sundaes

I had a busy weekend. One of those weekends that I blinked on Friday and it was Monday. I had so much to do that by the time I sat down to get some work done, it was 8 p.m. But work I did!!

I have been wanting to work with these Vintage Lucite Light Orange Marbled Rice 12x22mm Beads from Beadin Path . They remind me of creamsicles. But before I show you what I did, I have to show you this bead. I love this bead. If you look at it close it has the face of the prince from the video game Beautiful Katamari. This is one of my favorite games that is not an FPS. If you look, you will see the eyes nose and mouth. To cute!

Here is a little bit of the madness that is Katamari

I used copper wire and made handwound links with the vintage lucite bead, and capped them with faceted red agate and moonstone.

Then I made links with three magnesite beads and copper links as spacers and capped them with copper and faceted red agate (they look like ice cream sundaes to me)

To accent these, I made links with copper filigree beads and swarovski and put them all together and added in a fire crab agate pendant bead, accented with the Side Drilled Button Round Beads 11mm Transparent Orange.

End result

Made these simple little earrings made with the side drilled beads to go along with them.

I had fun and was thrilled the inspiration came so quickly.


  1. Hey. I really like how you made photos of the process. End result is cool! I became a fan of vintage jewelry, those decorative beads like you have used are just gorgeous!

  2. Hi there, you had me at creamsicle!! :)

    I agree with the comment above, it's wonderful how you share your process, so much fun, makes me feel like I'm there!