Monday, October 19, 2009

Found treasures

I started to organize my work room - *gasp* - yes, yes, you heard me. I need to get it organized and get a bead inventory, there is a bead show here on the 31st, and I know I need a few things. Having it organized will allow me to make a list and stick with it and not let 'my eyes get too big for my stomach' so they say.


The way I organize my studio is to drag everything into the middle of the room and work from the middle out. In doing so, I found these awesome marble beads I had ordered from Sedona Stones. They had fallen out of the ziplock bag and were in the bottom of my show kit. This put a screeching halt on my organizing because I got a great idea for a necklace and immediately set to work.

These lovely, lovely purple and cream marble ovals are captivating to me. I wanted a classic look, a multi strand look and of course, random - just like I like em :)

Marbled ovals, faceted moonstone heishi beads, lampwork beads, and pearls are all from Sedona Stones. The vintage glass beads, seed beads and sterling are from my inventory.

Random Elegance

I also found some fun fancy jasper (my favorite) beads. These beads have an awesome texture, I just love them! They remind me of arrow heads - the way they are cut. They look like they have been chipped with another rock.

I don't know that I will ever get organized if I keep finding these fun treasures and making jewelry from them!

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