Friday, October 2, 2009

My Jo's B'day

Today is my daughters birthday. There is nothing I could make today that would shine or be more beautiful than her.

She is my joy, my heart

my scream, my shout

my laughter, my tears
my frowns, my smiles

my shinning star, my sweet sweet songbird
my laughter when the day is gray

my motivation when my life is heavy
my reason

my 'omg i am crying i am laughing so hard', my oooo, eeee, oooo, weeeee

my hands in the air

my passions
my moonpies and potatoes salad
my drops of jupiter, my criminal

my PBR, my ibuprofen
my sunrises, my sunsets
my coffee, coffee, coffee
my roseanne, my nanny
my sangoos, my keputch
my fits, my spits, my sink full of rocks
my life

I love you Jo

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