Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Beadin Path Design Partner - Vintage Lucite Bracelets

I have had the best time playing with this lucite from Beadin Path! I can't get enuff of it. At first, I honestly thought I could do nothing with it. I have worked with stones for so long as the bulk of the design, I didn't know if I could incorporate the lucite. Boy was I wrong. I can't believe how inspired I am to create with these.

These side drilled little translucent orange ones are really growing on me. The way the light shines thru them and the way they 'wobble' in the design due to their drilling. Makes every piece - 'jewelry in motion'

Ok, I confess - I LOVE THEM ALL!! These 16mm jonquil beads are beautiful, bulky, bold, like an encore on your wrist, people will want to see it again and again. They go with literally anything. I love how copper brings the warmth out in them. I may be partial to them because jonquils are my favorite flowers.

I am having the best time playing with this lucite!


  1. I didn't know lucite comes in so many different types of beads. Amazing! I especially like your amberish creation!