Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Acrylic Earrings? Yes Please!

I love acrylic pouring, I can't get enough of it!

With acrylic pouring comes waste. There is a lot of paint that runs off the edge  of the canvas and pools on the table. 

If you have followed me at all, you know I have issues with waste, and I keep everything, because I can make something from anything!

While cleaning, I noticed all of these awesome spills, that had dried on the table, and the table covering, they looked like miniature acrylic pours (because they were). I peeled one off the table, and looked at it, I know I can make something from this. It was suggested I make earrings. Challenge accepted!

These are some of the peelings. I love their design and texture! 

A little playing around with different ideas, and these earrings were born!!

So much fun and so many more new ideas to come!

And remember

Be Peaceful and be kind - it's important!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

What Is This Funnel and Am I Stuck in It?

I keep hearing it, over and over from online marketing gurus "funnel" "funnel".

Good God, another new term I need to learn. A new online, social networking vernacular that is ever changing requiring a person to live online.

I just want to create!

I dug into this 'funnel', I had to know what it was, what this buzz word was all about.

Well it appears that I am exactly who they are talking to when the are talking about this 'funnel'.

The way I understand it, the 'funnel' is all of the online tools you use to get people to one place. That one place that makes you money. That one place that has your product/service whatever, available for these people to buy/join, so you can make money, and keep doing what you do.

I have so many funnels, trying to get people to my Etsy store. That is the ultimate goal, right. Get people to my Etsy store, so they can buy things, so I can continue to create. But how much time do I actually have to create if I am posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, YouTube, Newsletters AND Blogging. I have to come up with content for each of these platforms AND check in on them several times a day, so I can interact with anyone who has liked or commented, so I can be respectful and polite and grateful. Not to mention, it takes me several hours to post my art to my Etsy store because photography and photo editing are not my thing.

Breath Tish........

"Work smart" I hear

"Once your back gives out, you'll learn to work with your brain" my dad tells me

I just want to create, damnit why is it so hard?

I read about each of these different 'funnels' and either I am just drawn to the same articles over and over or maybe somethings have remained constant on the internet - blogging and newsletters.

I used to blog daily, and I loved it. Talking about everything jewelry, fashion, the components of the jewelry I made and maybe just a sprinkle of what what happening in my life, ya know, that personal touch. Then I fell out of it as more and more platforms became available. That, "Let's just take a picture and put a caption" that is easier! So I did, and I am caught in that instant gratification world, that scrolling lifestyle, that I need as much input as I can get in 1 minute.  That 'instant' has made it more difficult for me to blog. Now when I sit down to blog I hear a lot more of me slurping coffee than the tap tap tap of keys.

I keep saying I just want to create, and I just realized that blogging is creating. It does satisfy that need to create. I just scrolled up through this entry and realized I am creating, I am communicating and it feels good.

Now it is time to re think my path, re think this 'funnel' thing and focus on the creating. Focus on where I want my energy to go.

Create it and they will come

Thanks for stopping by, and remember - be peaceful, be kind it is important!!!