Thursday, October 31, 2013

LAST CHANCE TO ENTER! - CLOSED is having an awesome giveaway and today is the last day to enter!!!!
Do you see all this!?!?!

  • SpellBinders Rectangles One-Silver, Dies-Ovals One, Labels Twenty Five, Build a Wreath    
  • 7 Audubon Quilt Block Pattern Set   
  • Sizzix Framelits Dies- Birds by Rachael Bright and Ornaments, Round by Rachael B; Sizzix Thinlits Dies- Labels, Long by Rachael Bright, Christmas #2 by Rachael Bright, and Lace Pattern Card Front by Rachel B  
  • Book Assortment, including: 50 Yards of Fun; Christmas is Coming; Easy Knitting for Baby; Simply Modern Christmas; Becoming a Confident Quilter; Patchwork Plus; Simple Quilts from Me and My Sister Designs; Quilts Made with Love; The Sock Knitter's Handbook
  • TPP Quilt Calendar 2014               
  • Lion Brand Heartland Yarn in Isle Royale, Great Smoky Mountains, and Glacier Bay; 2 balls Lion Brand Imagine Yarn in Purple Haze; Lion Brand Unique Yarn in Moon Shadow, Grapevine, and Passion Fruit; 3 balls Lion Brand Romance Yarn in Grey Shades
  • Martha Stewart Crafts Knit and Weave Loom Kit   
  • 2 Crystal Golden Shadow Beads, 2 Pendants 6090 Topaz, 2 Pendants 6202 Dark Indigo, 2 Beads 5752 Sunflower, Fancy Stones MC 4584 Crystal, 2 Fancy Stones MC 4854 Crysal, 2 Flat Backs Sunflowers, 2 Fancy Stones MC 4137 Crystal Bermuda Blue, 2 Fancy Stones MC 4737 Crystal Bermuda Blue, Pendants 6202 Light Topaz 28 mm, 2 Beads 5301 Purple Velvet, 2 Flat Backs Crystal Golden Shadow, Pendants 6202 Light Topaz 40 mm    
  • Crystal Jewelry Inspiration            
  • 1/2 in Double-Sided High Tack Tape and 1/4 in Double-Sided High Tack Tape 
  • Xyron Sticker Maker and Xyron 3" Sticker Maker           
  • Permanent Adhesive
  • 3/8 in Adhesive Dots and 3/16 in Adhesive Dots            
  • Teresa Collins Adhesive Kit, Teresa Collins Plier Stapler, Teresa Collins Chipboard Punch        
  • Fiskars AdvantEdge Punch System and Fiskars AdvantEdge Cartridges: Winter Frost, Perfectly Paisely, and All a Glow  
  • Size 7 Straight Needles                
  • Jimmy Beans Wool Artyarns Zara Hand-Dyed Yarn and Silk Splash Light Yarn
  • Red Heart Yarn Tote, Red Heart Yarn Sassy Fabric 3 Pack, Sassy Lace 3 Pack; Red Heart Yarn Vivid Yarn-Powerful Pink and Electric Blue; Red Heart Yarn Unforgettable Yarn -Tidal and Winery; Red Heart Yarn Midnight Yarn- Serenade and Borealis; Red Heart Yarn Treasure Yarn- Abstract and Watercolors; Red Heart Yarn Sashay Sequin Yarn- Champagne         
  • Nov/Dec Crochet Today Magazine                   
  • Heart Shape Tape Measure                
  • Tipping Points Knitting Needles 10" 8/5mm        
  • Bamboo Handle/Silvalume Head Crochet Hooks 5-1/2"    
  • Yarn & Thread Cutter Pendant               
  • COLORTOOL spray paint-Blue Bright, Burgundy, Coral Bright, Fuchia Bright, Holiday Green, Holiday Red, Spring Green, Tangerine, and Turquoise
  • Deco Mesh Assortment
I entered and there is a lot of this that I don't  use, BUT I know a lot of really cool artist and crafters that would love to be gifted this!

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Enter today! Hurry!!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What is This in The Mail From Rings & Things?

Last week I got the most awesome surprise in my mail box. A package from Rings & Things! Rings & Things sent me a sample pack of their new web exclusive raw brass blanks. All sizes and shapes!

*blink* *blink*

What brought this on?  I am THRILLED!!!

Not too long ago, I used to work closely with Rings & Things, and review products for them. It was a fun trade off. They would send me a surprise pack of goodies, and I would in return write about each product. It was a win win!Several of my creations, inspired by the goodie bags from Rings & Things, were published in Bead Trends Magazine (which is sadly no more). I got exposure, and Rings & Things got free advertising, because I listed them as my material source. It was so much fun.

It looks like Rings & Things may be starting up their blogger program again. In the letter, Anne says "We want to work closer with designers, getting products to you that will hopefully get you exposure in beading magazines........"

Stay tuned! More posts coming to show off these cool brass blanks and the glorious creations that come from these Rings & Things inspirations.

It is on kids - on like Donkey Kong. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

More Interesting Tidbits From Art Biz Blog - Quadrupling Art Sales Accidently

I follow Art Biz Blog and am always finding great information, for site and support from the posts.

The most recent post is a guest blogger Rani Garner and she shares her story about how, quite by accident on vacation, she wandered into an art gallery, struck up a conversation with the owner, well and the rest is history.  Take a peak for yourself and see what Rani wrote about here!

This post got me thinking about how I started selling in stores, the anxiety that sometimes would try to overtake me, being afraid to talk to anyone about my work, the fear of rejection - you know the drill. Looking back, I have been in several stores, shown in galleries, published in magazines, used in run way shows - all because I asked.

Don't get me wrong, it wasn't easy, and still today, I get a bit of the 'nerves' when I approach a new store or venue for my jewelry - but I am always looking. I am always on the lookout for a new boutique or gallery while I am out driving around doing my dailies. Cruising ads for artists and events, and google searching for 'call for artists'.

Thinking about all of this when I read this post made me curious - what do you do? How do you approach stores or galleries with your art? I would sure love to know!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

"Conversations with Zeus" Acrylic Painting

9x12 Acrylic on Canvas board.

Zeus - yes the same Zeus in the Because of Zeus Fund. He haunts me still, and most likely will for a long time. It isn't a bad haunt - although I will admit, sometimes when I fell asleep in my recliner, I did jump awake, I could feel him staring at me, with his big eyes wide open, and ready to pounce.

It is a good haunt, and we have invited him to do so in the house. I see a shadow run across my peripheral vision, and when I turn to look nothing is there. I respond with "Hi Zeus". Something will be moved from my work bench, and I KNOW right where I left it (especially if it was in a plastic baggie) and I will find the baggie on the floor, or in another room. I respond with "Damnit Zeus" so yeah, I invite his playfulness still.

It is a way of me working thru my grief even after a year of having him put to sleep due to his sickness.

I painted for him. A painting I will frame and keep for myself. An odd sized canvas, that I had no ideas I even had,  that no frame fits, and I have to have it custom framed. A bit of Zeus - you bet :)

It is in his colors, oranges, yellows, dark browns, creams and of course the crimsons.

I went round and round with myself while he was living in my house. Round and round with how do I deal with a feral cat? How do I deal with a cat who suffers from so much brain damage? How do I keep this cat in the house and trust him? Do I put him out and let him become feral again? Will that be what is best for him? All of that torture I wrestled with daily is represented by the circles.

I used water on the painting, causing it to run - representing my tears

Oh and the crimson, yes that is the blood that was shed so many times due to that cat, and his freak outs he would have. He would snap, like cats do, and go from zero to sixty in an instant .I was always in the way when that happened, and I always suffered from it.

I had made a promise to keep him safe, and I did, until the end.

I miss you buddy

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Celebrating Libra's in October!

So many October birthdays in my family and in the people I know. I will contribute it to Valentines day :)

So what do they say about Libras?

Latin for "the Balance" or "the Scales", from the Greek word Zygos. Libra is balance and achieving balance is their life goal. Libra will work with concentration and relax with dedication. Libras can captivate others with their sharp intellects, allowing them to entertain people for hours, they are equally awesome listeners. Making decisions can certainly be tricky as you need to analyse things carefully in order to make the very best decision which often sees the scales get tipped back and forth in the process. Continual assessment, consideration and evaluation are mentally exhausting... but with all of these experiences come discernment and confidence.

Librans love beauty and can seem superficial as they place emphasis on the visual beauty, however they can also see unseen beauty in those that most of us would not see. Beauty flows through them in creative expressions like music as well as the arts.   Some Libras do seek perfection, which can make life trying for those who live with them.  Love and marriage is important to Libra. (My daughter is libra - so true!!)

Birthstones for Libras can be sapphire if born in September or topaz if born in October.

But wait there's more!

Don't limit yourself to one stone. So many may speak to you. Bloodstone for example is a great stone for Libras (my daughters favorite). It aligns all levels. It strengthens the will to 'do good'. (works with the Libras desire for justice) It helps you to be present in the moment. Bloodstone also assists to revitalise love, relationships and friendships.(Love and relationships are very important to Libras) Use to dispel states of bewilderment and obscure thought. (because you know Libras need order!)

So to honor Libras, I have made this pendant.

African Bloodstone pendant with brecciated jasper and quartz accents, wrapped in copper.

Are you a Libra? What stone speaks to you?