Thursday, October 10, 2013

"Conversations with Zeus" Acrylic Painting

9x12 Acrylic on Canvas board.

Zeus - yes the same Zeus in the Because of Zeus Fund. He haunts me still, and most likely will for a long time. It isn't a bad haunt - although I will admit, sometimes when I fell asleep in my recliner, I did jump awake, I could feel him staring at me, with his big eyes wide open, and ready to pounce.

It is a good haunt, and we have invited him to do so in the house. I see a shadow run across my peripheral vision, and when I turn to look nothing is there. I respond with "Hi Zeus". Something will be moved from my work bench, and I KNOW right where I left it (especially if it was in a plastic baggie) and I will find the baggie on the floor, or in another room. I respond with "Damnit Zeus" so yeah, I invite his playfulness still.

It is a way of me working thru my grief even after a year of having him put to sleep due to his sickness.

I painted for him. A painting I will frame and keep for myself. An odd sized canvas, that I had no ideas I even had,  that no frame fits, and I have to have it custom framed. A bit of Zeus - you bet :)

It is in his colors, oranges, yellows, dark browns, creams and of course the crimsons.

I went round and round with myself while he was living in my house. Round and round with how do I deal with a feral cat? How do I deal with a cat who suffers from so much brain damage? How do I keep this cat in the house and trust him? Do I put him out and let him become feral again? Will that be what is best for him? All of that torture I wrestled with daily is represented by the circles.

I used water on the painting, causing it to run - representing my tears

Oh and the crimson, yes that is the blood that was shed so many times due to that cat, and his freak outs he would have. He would snap, like cats do, and go from zero to sixty in an instant .I was always in the way when that happened, and I always suffered from it.

I had made a promise to keep him safe, and I did, until the end.

I miss you buddy

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