Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Multi stone, multi layer copper necklace

I love the multi layer necklaces!

These are fun to do, especially when you have scraps of chain, or just a few beads.
Don't let the metals/colors of the chains scare you either! Mix and match your silvers, coppers, brasses and golds! Start your own trend!

I used jump rings to connect the wire wrapped links to the closed big copper rings. Gave the design more flow and the wire wrapped layer didn't seem to 'kink' up as much.
Now to snuggle into a nice sweater and display this right on top!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Breaking New from Bead Trends

I got an email from Bead Trends, they are having issues with their submission page - Need to pass it along to you!!


If you have submitted to Bead Trends for publication for the April or May 2013 issue, or if you would simply still like to submit a design for consideration please email those submissions directly to me at We are extending the submission deadline to October 31, 2012, giving designers one more week to get those gorgeous designs submitted!!! Our April issue calls are listed below:
Bead Trends is currently looking for designs with the following themes for our April 2013:
Inspired By — Do your designs tell a story? What inspired your latest creation? We love pieces that were inspired by people, places, colors, art, nature, and more. Submit your photos and tell us your stories!    Metal Smithing & Wire Work — A great trend in jewelry design is the use and manipulation of all types of metals. Metal stamping, PMC, texturizing, soldering, wire working and more.
Quick & Easy – Featuring beautiful designs that can be created in less than an hour and are perfect for designers of all levels.
Fashion Favorites – Features designs from a variety of styles and mediums that can be a personal favorite or necessary staple in any wardrobe.
Seed Beading — The popularity of seed beading is growing in all areas of jewelry design and in new and creative ways. Show us your creations.
Bead Weaving — Whether you use seed beads, pearls, crystals, or gemstones: How do you weave your beautiful masterpieces?
Mixed Media — We love the trend of mixed media designs. Combining the unexpected, edgy, recycled, industrial, and found objects with traditional jewelry elements. Get creative!
Crystals & Quartz — In honor of the April birthstone submit your favorite designs that sparkle!
Celebrate Spring — Flowers begin blooming, birds begin making their nests and we want to see your designs that celebrate and are inspired by Spring!

Deadline for the April 2013 issue is 11:59 p.m. MDT, October 31st, 2012. All ideas should be your original work and not previously published.

We will review all submissions, and if selected, we will contact you by November 2nd with additional information. All pieces will need to be shipped to us directly for photography and arrive in our office by November 12th. Your creation will be returned to you insured, after the issue has been printed.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Because of Zeus bracelets are in!!!!

In a previous post Because of Zeus I wrote about part of my creative process that involved my cat Zeus who I had to have put to sleep.

I am in the process of starting a Because of Zeus foundation, a non profit, that 25% of all of my jewelry sales will also fund.

Be a supporter and purchase your "Because of Zeus" bracelet today from my site - Just A Tish