Moonstone - A Personal Journey

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I am going to deviate from my normal posts for awhile and take you on a personal journey with me.

I have created two new pieces of jewelry made with moonstone for myself. 

 I tout the metaphysical properties of the stones I work with, and create jewelry based on these properties. Time to practice what I preach :)  The purpose of using moonstone is for weight loss (and so much more) and as I post you will see why I chose moonstone and why I am needing to loose weight.

Follow me if you will along my journey.

Hot off the Work Bench - Earrings!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Had a little bit of time this evening and worked up a few new pairs of earrings. I am trying to add to my Etsy store and also flesh out my display at The Green Monkey downtown.

These are cute little hippie earrings. I call them "Peace, Love and Sunshine"  Resin peace symbols, millefiori glass hearts, and seed beads.

Paired up these cute lampwork sugar skulls and added a crazy Czech crystal cluster on top. Looks like a crazy blue wig :)

Sweet little porcelain puffed beads topped with agate and accented with a cute little copper spiral.

Just having a bit of fun on a Thursday night :)

December Birthstones - What do they say about you?

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

It is December already! I think December brings out a love/hate relationship with a lot of people:) Love it, because it is your birth month, love it because it is the holiday season, love it because of solstice or hate it because it is your birth month, hate it because it is the holiday season, and you are not ready, hate it because - where has the year gone?!?!!??!?

December is my favorite month because of solstice - that means the days begin to get longer, and I love me some sunshine.

December birth stones are turquoise and blue topaz. These stones represent a happy life that is filled with good fortune. Blue topaz is a symbol of peace and relaxation, which may help with headaches - poor December babies seem to be challenged by them.

Ancient practitioners believed that turquoise would actually change color when the wearer was ill or in danger.

I am a huge fan of turquoise, and only recently did this love affair begin. My memories of turquoise were tarnished (for a lack of better words) from the 70's and what I remember of the squash blossom style jewelry craze. It was just too much for me. I never saw turquoise unless it was large and framed in lots of silver. It always looked heavy, a chore to wear. This was my association with turquoise. It wasn't til I started making jewelry and my husband wanting turquoise did I reluctantly start to learn about the stone. I had to get over that turquoise pieces had to be over the top. The turquoise could be an accent to a design, or the core of it. The beads could be small or faceted or square or whatever.

And I fell in love.

Turquoise, beautiful sky blue, or dyed to a royal purple. 

Mixed with other stones for a beautiful compliment of color and properties.

 It has a sweet and gentle energy. It feels like an old friend.

So hats off to you December babies, and your beautiful stones that represent who you are. I am a bit jealous ;)

Flooding the Streets with Art!!!! Friday, Nov 28, 2014 - The Entire World!

Monday, November 24, 2014

I have been getting my pieces together to drop this Friday, as I participate in,

Flood the Streets with Art.  

Flood the Streets with Art. 
Brain child of Scott Wong, that artists everywhere are helping to nurturer into a living, loving beautiful entity. It is a peaceful, giving movement to promote artists everywhere.

I have been working on my pieces to have them ready.

Acrylic - 18x24 stretched canvas

Heat treated agate, wrapped in copper with American Beauty turquoise accent - to promote harmony in communication

Fresh water pears wrapped in copper and accented with Swarovski crystals.  To promote charity and integrity

 Agate wrapped in copper and accented with moonstones. This pendant is to promote balance, harmony and bring hope.

Look in your streets on Friday,. there may be an artist dropping beautiful pieces for you to find :)

Flood the Streets with ART II!!!!!!!

Monday, November 17, 2014

While browsing Facebook, I found a really great movement that is happening. Flood the Streets with Art. 
Brain child of Scott Wong, that artists everywhere are helping to nurturer into a living, loving beautiful entity. It is a peaceful, giving movement to promote artists everywhere.

How do you do it? Make your art, tag your art as free, leave your art for someone to find it.

To quote Scott Wong - "Here in the United States of America, we celebrate Thanksgiving Day on Thursday, Nov. 27th. We spend the day with family, friends and loved ones giving thanks for everything in our life we have to be thankful for.

On the following day a.k.a. BLACK FRIDAY (the day after we've given thanks for everything we have in life), we rush out in an uncivilized manner trampling complete strangers to death so we can buy a DVD player for five bucks. This is meant to be tongue-in-cheek, but you get the gist of it."

I am not saying to stop shopping at the local chains near you, people who work their need their jobs to support their family. Just be choosy in your gift purchases. Make them count. Buy locally to support your local businesses, to support the arts in your community, to give a gift that is unique and represents the recipient, instead of giving that gift out of obligation.

Want to find out more?  Join the group on Facebook, see what everyone will be making for the "Flood"

Be part of the movement  - I am :)

Casualties of the Show

Saturday, September 27, 2014

I try to make new pieces to debut at every show I do. Let me tell you the heart break of setting up and then because of the fumble fingers I am, drop my new piece on the pavememt and......


My heart was sick. This isn't the first piece this has happened to. 

Does this happen to you? What do you do?

New Pendulums in the Shop!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

More pendulums have been posted in the shop!!!

Picture jasper, mookaite, moss agate and more!

It is said, first ask - Show me 'Yes' then Show me 'No' - Then any of your deepest question and have them answered!

 See these and more at my Etsy Store!!
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