Summer Hippie Super Powers!!!

Monday, June 1, 2015

What is your hippie super power?

Mine is Peace, love and strength to endure.
Look deep into yourself, what do you feel, what do you see, what do you hear? Is that your super power? Is it love? Respecting others? Laughter? Playfulness?

Find it and share with everyone around you to save your corner of the planet!!!!

Earring Club - New From Just A Tish Designs

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I've done it! I have made an earring club.

I got a call from my daughter, who had been brainstorming about my business, after talking to several of her friends when they asked her about her jewelry.  She says, "Ma! you need to do a club - an earring club." We chatted, hashed out some ideas, created a road map - and guess what!?! It is live!!!!

The most fun to come out of Just A Tish Designs! It's easy! Whether shopping for yourself or for someone else - fun is sure to be had by everyone! This is a purchase for the adventurous spirit. The person who loves a surprise. Don't hint at what your favorite color or stone is. If you feel like you need to be in control, and getting a surprise package in the mail works your nerves - this is not for you. If you have sensitive ears, and have metal allergies, this is not the purchase for you. It is meant to be a TOTAL surprise and fun. Let's keep it that way ;)

It will be fun, there are 3 options of the level of commitment you want to make.

Monthly -

3 Month purchase

12 Month purchase

Kinda like this -

You choose which option works best for you - a monthly purchase, a 3 month purchase or a 12 month purchase, then sit back and let me do the rest. Your first pair of earrings should ship in about three days after your purchase. After that, depending on what option you chose, earrings will ship out the first Monday of the month.

Let me break it down for you -

Monthly - (The Test Drive)

You will make your initial purchase, just as you would any Etsy purchase. You will receive a pair of earrings, artists choice. Earrings are valued between $15 and $20. It is just like making any Etsy purchase, you are only doing it once, the only difference, I am choosing the earrings for you.

3 months - (The Dare Devil)

You will pay up front for 3 pairs of earrings. Because you are paying up front, you are already saving $2 per pair! Sit back and relax, I will do the rest. Once a month for 3 months, you will get a surprise package in the mail - You will receive a pair of earrings, artists choice. Earrings are valued between $15 and $20. But I'm not done yet! Once you have fulfilled your commitment, and have have received all 3 pairs of earrings, on the 4th month, you will receive a free pair!!! Returns or refunds will void the free gift.

12 months - (All In)
This is the best deal!
You will pay up front for 12 pairs of earrings. Because you are paying up front you are already saving $5 per pair!!! Sit back and relax, I will do the rest. Once a month for the next 12 months, you will get a surprise package in the mail - You will receive a pair of earrings, artists choice. Earrings are valued between $15 and $20. But I'm not done yet!! Once you have fulfilled your commitment, and you have received all 12 pairs of earrings, on the 13th month, you will receive a free necklace valued between $35 and $50!!! Returns or refunds will void the free gift.

And as always - Free shipping!!!

The rest is up to you! Make your choice today!

Rhyolite and Jasper Necklace

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Here is the first of my designs using this years Spring palette that I wrote about in my last entry.
Rhyolite focal stone with jasper, swarovski crystal and light blue glass beads.  I pulled the colors for the beads from the focal stone.

Jasper is a tender stone allowing itself to bestow gentleness on the wearer.

I am always in awe at the color combinations that are found in nature that just work!

Pantones Spring 2015 Colors - Love them!

Monday, January 19, 2015

The Pantone Colors for 2015 are very exciting to me. So cool and light. Very inviting. The official color names are:
14-4313 Aquamarine
16-4725 Scuba Blue
14-5714 Lucite® Green
19-4052 Classic Blue
14-1213 Toasted Almond
16-1720 Strawberry Ice
15-1247 Tangerine
13-0720 Custard
18-1438 Marsala
14-4102 Glacier Gray

What I see is Lapis, Rhodonite, Carnelian, Turquoise, Jade and some fun Jaspers. From these stones come a very common theme - love, self love, self confidence - I can't wait to play around with my stones and make some fun jewelry for this Spring.

It's gonna be a great year!

Fun New Dangle Necklaces!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

I am all about the dangle, the charm look. I keep going back to this type of design.

When I first started making jewelry it was just a natural progression to hand wrap beads and hang them on chain. Just the next step in learning jewelry design, so to speak.

I re visited that old design and have come up with these :)

I call these "Anything Goes"

This is a fun idea to use up the one offs that you have laying around from other designs. It makes a great collection of color, textures and sizes.  Even as you re purpose your older jewelry, set a couple beads behind, and you can make a memory necklace for yourself!!!!!

Right now these are only available locally at The Green Monkey, but I promise you will be seeing them soon in my Etsy store!!!

When Good Ideas Go Wrong

Monday, January 12, 2015

GRRRRR!!!!! I could just spit I am so mad!!!

Working on a new pair of earrings, well I was - and then this happened. The seed bead broke.

It literally was all I could do to not wad it up in a ball and throw it in the trash.

What do you do when this happens?

Craft Hoarder Confessions

Sunday, December 21, 2014

It is always this time of year I look at my work space and say it is time for a change. I get it cleaned up and feel good about myself for about 2 hours. As I start to work and explore new ideas, the room falls apart around me. I have learned to accept that I create from chaos.

Up til now - didn't matter how bad it got, and trust me it was bad. I have posted several before and after pics to try and purge some, maybe shame myself into not doing it, it hasn't worked - but up til now, I always knew where everything was. As of recent, I can't find a thing. It takes me forever to find my shipping supplies, to find my packaging papers, stamps and ribbons, so when I mail out the order it is all wrapped and sweet.

  I saw this today while on Facebook -

This is me in a nut shell. I thought maybe it was time to confess.

Hi my name is Tish McDermott and I want to call myself and artist, a clever crafter, but all I am is a hoarder.

When I started making jewelry, it was always done on the kitchen table, and when I was done, I cleaned up and put things back where they belonged. We used the kitchen table for other things, why I don't know it was the perfect crafting spot, and I had a cat that loved to steal things.

Next I moved into the spare bedroom, oh the joy of it. All the space I need AND I could close the door. I had things organized in the closet, I had bought small little storage cabinets, it was perfect.

Then we had someone move in with us, and I was displaced. I moved into a small room off the office, that had been used for storage, and for my daughters sewing room.

This is where it turned bad. I had room and lots of it. Not the advantage of the storage of a closet, but still, room. The room did not have a door, it was a small hallway that lead into the kitchen. Not good. The zoo could come and go as they pleased. I brought down the armoire  from the bedroom we had used for the tv - storage and it blocked the hallway. This is MY domain. My husband built me a work bench, so things could be hung and arranged, and I had plenty of room to work.

Soon, I couldn't find things in my work room because they had spilled out into the office. Now I have shelves in the office to hold more things. The computer desk is now piled with business cards, shipping supplies- where is my computer?

Here is the confession - Because I not only make jewelry, I sew and paint as well.


I save all cardboard boxes. I may need them for shipping.
I save all packing materials - again shipping
I save all tissue paper

To me, I think I am doing good, reducing my global footprint, recycling these shipping items.

I save every pair of jeans.
I save every t shirt
I save socks
I save towels
I save sheets
I can use the material.

I save empty coffee containers. They are great storage.
I have 23 of them

I save empty tins (this is a new thing) Again - they are great storage!
I have 2

I save pretty, heavy paper. I use them for my packaging.

Mason jars - storage

Magazines - I make canvas from them

Shopping bags - storage

I can't pass up a good sale - I don't make wreaths, but I got such a great deal, like serious after coupons and such, I just paid taxes on that burlap ribbon that people make wreaths with.
I have 12 rolls

And the list goes on.

BUT as luck should have it. The spare bedroom has now become my husbands office, and the office that is attached to my workroom is mine.

I am rolling up my sleeves and getting started.

Pray for me ;)

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