Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday quickie

I am flat out today. No sleep again last nite, just a nap.

While I was awake I made a necklace for my monthly Facebook giveaway.

I had an old washer and thought I would breath some life into it. It happened rather quickly, one of those, start working, blink and I am done - ever happen to you?

I got to thinking - Y not let the ppl who stop by to visit my blog and are on facebook get in on the fun too. So I put a face book link over on the right hand side of my blog under my profile that will allow you to go to the page and add it to your list of favs.

To get you caught up here is April's giveaway -

Here is Mays giveaway -

Here is what is being given away for June

If you want to get in on the give aways join my fan page and leave me a comment!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Trying to keep it together

I have been up since 3:30 pacing with Newd. He has been restless all nite and has a more pronounced limp than usual. I did take him on his first walk yesterday and he may just be sore. He has been kenneled for nearly two weeks now and I am starting to add more exercise back into his routine.

I microwaved towels and made him a heating pad and he settled in for a while.

Now I am pacing. I have an interview in a few hours for the Associate Producer position. A great move up into the company from where I am, and good solid career move. I am nervous. I am always at a loss for words, have a tendency to make jokes and act a clown when I am nervous, and I can't do that today. I have to be on target and give them what they are looking for.

*think* *think*

I need to channel this energy into something, something positive.


I am going to give you an inside look at my creative process. How my pieces go together and how my thought processes work when designing a piece.

I grab my books and begin to do some looking - I have it! I am making a new necklace to wear to the interview. I necklace charged with positive energy, creativity, organization, and communication. Just what I need to get me thru the day. I chose moonstone, labradorite, quartz, blue lace agate, jasper, rutilated quartz, and carnelian for my base stones. The bulk of the design in seed beads,crystals, some chain and a few buttons for focals.

I chose -
moonstone, blue lace agate, labradorite and quartz for communication.
jasper for organization.
rutilated quartz and carnelian for creativity.
The buttons are a representation of me.
The chain is to show how each link is needed for the fluidity of the movement. Just like a team has to depend on each other for the outcome.

I was going to document the process but I chose to go with my 'tantrum' style necklace, and it is difficult to do. I chose the tantrum because order has to come from chaos in the position I am applying for. What I can show you is one of the draw backs to making this style of necklace and how you can fix it with no one the wiser.

During the beading of the 'tantrum' you weave the tail of the beading wire in and out of beads randomly. You have to keep the beading wire taunt during the process or you will have gaps in your beads after you anchor it like this -

What do you do? it is a pain to take the crimps off , pull in the slack, and set a new crimp - most times, I end up snipping the cover of the beading wire and have a fray. Not good.

So for a random tantrum style necklace like this, all you can do is go with it. You can create a coil. For this necklace I created a coil in copper, bout the same size as the 'slack'

Once the coil is made - 'screw' it onto the beading wire

Close up of the coil

And the finished product -

Keeping my Thoughts

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Just for fun

I found this little beauty while organizing in my room today. I had forgot about a bag of re purpose goodies my mom had given me.

hand carved mother of pearl pendant. I have no idea era or origin but knowing how long my mom has had it, and where she has traveled, I would venture to say circa 70's and either from Mexico or Israel

I hung it on the wall so i can look up at it while i am cleaning and see if i get any inspiration on how to use it.

single strand focal, or multi strand accent....i don't know - what would you do?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday quickie - I am at my dumb

"I am at my dumb" is an expression that was born from a nite of 'porchin it' and has become a household expression.

See, wha hah happened wuz - So many nites are spent on the porch. We get to talk. There is no t.v. no distractions, only the dogs in the yard and the traffic on the road. We talk about our day, our frustrations, plan vacations, defend the righteous and side with the underdog. Because of these nites I have fallen in love with my husband all over again.

Some off these nites are spent with coffee, some off them with beer. One nite in par-tick-you-lar was a nite of beer. Porch eh-teh-cut states that if you go in for a beer, you must always ask the participants if they would like one too. I was asked, in my mind, I declined with - "No thank you, I am done" My mouth decided it was time to play a little trick on me and spouted - "I am at my dumb"

*insert laughter, pointing of fingers, repeating of statement*


It stuck. This statement is interchangeable, that is the beauty of it. For instance -

If you are done, do not want more, etc... I am at my dumb
If you want to lightly pointout someones mistake ...I am at my dumb
If you want to point out that a particular situation is uncomfortable or ridiculous.....I am at my dumb
If you are stooop-eh-fied, impressed, delighted, overwhelmed, exhausted....I am at my dumb

You get the idea. So now that I have taken you on a journey around my elbow to get to my ankle, i'll explain why this blog is about a co-loke-you-all-ism (can't say it much less spell it).

Yesterday, with great enthusiasm I began to work on wrapping the sea glass that was given to me by my friend. I was so thrilled with it when I was finished, I literally sat back in my chair, folded my arms and nodded. This isn't to say that it is a work of art, or that it is going to be my most expensive or used as a way to markets one of my skill sets, this is to say - this piece I made for me - a reflection of me and what I am, personally. I have no intention of selling this, in fact I would almost say this is going to be the piece that defines me - the piece that I wear the most. I don't expect it to speak to everyone, but I hope it may give you a better insight as to who I am.

I am at My Dumb

How it started

Where it took me

and i am wearing it today :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Treasure Find! - Edit - Pics added!

My friend Allie came back from her 'Maycation' with a gift for me. She was walking on the beach and found some fun pebbles and a BEAUTIFUL HUGE piece of sea glass -

This baby measures 1 1/2" x 1 1/4", it is just stunning! The texture is incredible, porous from the grinding of the sand but yet so silky.

I have a bag of some fun 'sea glass' that was a gift from a friend and I have enjoyed playing with in some of my pieces. It had sparked an interest in me of what really is sea glass - so I started poking around.

What is Sea Glass? - Sea glass is just that; glass that has been found by a body of water. Sometimes known as mermaid tears or beach glass, it is glass that has fallen into the water and over time been churned by the waves and ground by the sand to a frosty smooth bauble. You can really tell the difference between crafty sea glass and the real thing. Crafty sea glass still has a more point to the edges and altho frosty, it is not as porous.

Make your own sea glass!

There are several types of sea glass. The type and color will dictate the worth of the piece. I am afraid to take a stab at what this is worth.

There is so much to learn about sea glass, (there is even a Sea Glass Association!)and a great escape for me to imagine where the glass came from :)


I am working on this when I have downtime at work. I made it this far and couldn't help myself, and took a pic with my phone. So much fun!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Art Beads Prize - OMG

I played the Tweet your Prize (you should too!)from the Art Beads blog, and won!

I won the Murano Glass 40mm Blown Glass Millefiori Bead - Black and White

You can't believe how beautiful this bead is. My jaw dropped when I saw it. This picture and the description on the site do not do it justice - this is something you have to see in person.

Look at the size of this bad boy -

It almost fills my palm. The detail is stunning - it is not just the glass that is colored to look that way - it is textured - little divets, for a lack of better word, in the bead and in each one a swirl.

Do you see that?!?!

My mind is racing with ideas, and I look at it, and everything comes to a screeching halt. It is too beautiful!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

News Flash!!!! Bead Star

I had done some poke'n around a few weeks ago and found a submission form for Bead Star (link takes you to the voting page) magazine. I thought - What's it gonna hurt?

They have it broke down into several categories and I had a few pieces I was 'fond' of, so I submitted.

I have been 'off my game' as they say due to internet problems and life in general. While trying to get caught up on my blogs I ran across a link from Dawnos blog leading to the finalist voting for Bead Star. I did my duty and went to vote.

When I hit the Stone category - lo and behold there was my piece! Sweet Peggy! Right there looking at me.

I screamed, I cried, I tweeted, and ran downstairs and called my mom.

I made the finalists!!!!!

Here she is kids -

Triple strand of unakite, coral, jasper and rhyolite.

Rings & Things blogger challenge - Hammered Oval Cable (Gunmetal)

This was another one that fell in my lap. I had been thinking about the cable chain in the blogger challenge pack from Rings & Things for a while, wanting to incorporate it into a piece and make it work as part of the focal.

*think* *think*

I was a bit mixed about the chain, not due to the quality or the design, was very lovely in that respect. I was mixed because the links were closed. So to remove a link, say to make a matching pair of earrings, I was forced to damage 2 links in the process. If I had not wanted to make the earrings, then I would have been set :) Just a bit fickle sometimes.

I removed two links and set aside for earrings, and then thought about what can I do with the now opened links.

*think* *think*

Oh, Ok, I know - I will scrub the finish off of them - they flake if bent too much, and make earrings from these too......more to come on this one....

Ok back to the project. Now I have my chain links and what am I going to do with them.
Grabbed some fun warm colors to incorporate, and let the fun begin.

Here is what happened with morning while drinking coffee and listening to Andreas Vollenweider

And the earrings to go with them

and i am wearing it today :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Get published quickie

Sorry kids - I have limited access to the interwebs so my posts are basically gonna be glorified tweets :)

What to get your pieces published?!!?

Check out these sites -

Stampington & Co.

Bead Trends

Stringing Magazine

Bead Style

Bead Patterns the Magazine


Bead And Button

Good luck kids!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Life gets in the way


Again no internet, no posts.

Have a good weekend kids. Hopefully we will get this fixed soon and i can get back in here and see what everyone is up 2.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

New life to old pieces - Thursday quickie

I bought a Darice bucket o' seed beads from Michaels, with 5 little containers and each container having 5 compartments each with a different color. Tucked in the bucket are some basic tools, stringing wire, and an assortment of boldly colored plastic beads.

*think* *think*

I am 'getting over myself' so to speak and the way I look at the 'ingredients' I use to make my pieces. Why have I been snubbing my nose at some of the most basic, but also some of the most promising beads/supplies because they are not 'sterling' or 'gemstone'.

*kicks self in pants*

So in light of this, I am looking at these fun and colorful plasticy bits and wanted to play with them. I had a barette I have been holding onto forever thinking i was going to embelish it, and that is exactly what I did.

Dont look at my nails - every so often I go into denial and think I can paint my nails and that beading will not wreck the finish..................right.....

This is the assortment of beads, along with some 26 ga basic wire and the barette.

My initial choices to begin the narrowing down process.

Do several wraps on the end of the barret to secure the wire.

Slide on the bead and then do several more wraps on the links of the barette to secure the bead in place.

Honestly, it is as simple as that!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Picture day - R & T challenge pics

I am trying to get caught up. Not having an internet connection at the house has really put me behind with my updates. I have so much to say, and don't want to put it all in one blog, it would get moe-knot-uhn-us


I got my Rings-Things challenge in the mail!

Satin like cord, and gold and silver plated chains, bulk chain, and cell phone thingies!! So much fun!!! For once I could just let go and create, fast and furious and embrace my ADHD - (beading is a great exercise for me to hold my focus for 15 minutes at a time). This is a great challenge and instant gratification. The biggest problem I had was I had too many ideas pop into my head and not enough time or holders to finish all the ideas - I see an order a brewin :) Working with the cell phone charm holders is to date my favorite. It isn't just for cell phones. Think zipper pull - sweaters, purses, back packs - think pull chain - add them to your pull chains for ceiling fans and lights - think book mark - oh yes, I sed it ;) - think boot decorations - put them in the pull straps for your boots. They are limitless!!!

Check these out!

This one is my favorite

You know what was the best part? The reference manual - OMG. I love reference manuals. I am terrible. I will pick those up over a novel anyday for my 'casual' reading. (geek)

THANKS RINGS & THINGS!!!! This was the funnest 15 minutes of my life!!!!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Inspiration Proclamation Award

I was bored at work today, and cruising blogs as I do, and there is one in particular that I feel needs to be pointed out. So I used my l33t Gimp skills and created an image and am starting a new award. Recognition Monday, I think I will call it from now on.

There are no rules attached to this award. If there is someone who inspires you, yoink the image from this blog (image url at the bottom if'n ya need help) and write bout the person that inspired you to do so.

I was inspired to create this award by Dawno - If you don't know her blog, do so. She is a great source of inspiration for beaders, an endless supply of encouragement for all, and selfless in her promotions of other bloggers of interest. How she finds time to do what she does amazes me. I am convinced if the world took a second to follow her lead and get to know their neighbors it would indeed be a better place.

Here is the image information if you need to put it into your blog and tell the world about who inspires you!

It's Monday and I am already draggin'

I got some things done over the weekend and feel good about my accomplishment. I am in awe at myself, how I have already lost two of the pieces somehow. I gathered everything up this morning to take some pics to document and the batteries were out on my camera.

So... I am hopin you made some great sales for mothers day and are needing to restock. Here is your monthly sampling of bead shows that may be in in your area for this month.

Happy Shopping!

May 13 2009
Sacramento (McClellan), CA,
Lions Gate Hotel Sacramento 5640 Dudley Blvd.
McClellan, CA 95652

May 14 2009
San Mateo, CA
San Mateo Co. Event Center
Meeting Pavilion
1346 Saratoga Drive
San Mateo, CA 94403

May 15 2009
Orange County, CA
Holiday Inn Buena Park
7000 Beach Blvd.
Buena Park, CA 90620

May 15 - 17 2009
International Gem Jewelry Show
Chantilly, VA

May 15 - 17 2009
Santa Monica Civic Auditorium (Bead Show)
Santa Monica, CA

May 16 - 17, 2009
Atlanta GA
Gwinnett Center - (Hall C)
6400 Sugarloaf Pkwy
Duluth, GA 30097

May 16 - 17 2009
Charleston / MT Pleasant, South Carolina
Omar Shriners Temple
176 Patriots Point
MT. Pleasant, South Carolina 29464 - coupons avail

May 17 2009
San Bernardino, CA
Hilton San Bernardino
The Inland Ballroom
285 E. Hospitality Lane
San Bernardino, CA 92408

May 19 2009
Phoenix Area, AZ
Holiday Inn & Suites
Superstition Ballroom
1600 S. Country Club Dr.
Mesa, AZ 85210

May 22-24, 2009
Donald E. Stephens
Convention Center
Rosemont, IL

May 29 - 31 2009
Connecticut Expo Center
Hartford, CT

Las Vegas Convention Center
Las Vegas, NV

May 30 - 31 2009
Nashville TN
Tennessee State Fairgrounds - (Banquet Hall)
500 Wedgewood Ave
Nashville, TN 37228

Houston Bead Market
All the Beads you Need
The Stafford Centre
10505 Cash Rd, Stafford, Texas 77477

Raleigh North Carolina
Amran Shriners
11101 Creedmoor Road
Raleigh, NC 27614 - coupons avail

Friday, May 8, 2009

looking for inspiration

It has been a long week and i am rolling into a busy weekend. I am grasping at the last few moments of my work day to cram in a blog post because I will be w/o internet until Monday.

I have a show next Sunday - weather permitting - and I have this weekend and next week to prepare. Going to make some new pieces and work on a booth banner.

There has been so much going on, burning the candle at both ends so to speak, I am finding it hard to concentrate on one thing, let alone pull some inspiration up to work on some new pieces.

So I did some google image crawling with the words "bright inspiration' , I think these will do me for a couple of days -

This came from a myspace page - i can't give credit to the original artist, sorry.

From AspenCountry

From Tastefully Entertaining


From Temasek Design School

Have a great weekend kids! If you are in need of inspiration, maybe these will help you too.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

And now for something completely different.........

I have several passions, one you all know is my jewelry, stones, and beads. Then there is the passion that consumes my soul. I have a soft spot for animals, especially rescue/shelter animals. I have 2 dogs and 3 cats and am in the process of adopting yet another dog. He is a hard luck story too. He is young, 6 mo old with a debilitating problem - Ununited Anconeal Process. Surgery is required to correct this problem, and it is expensive. The rescue foundation is willing to waive the adoption fee for me to take him due to the cost of the surgery.

I had a big pity party for myself when I found out the cost of the surgery, and nearly gave up on the idea of adopting due to the cost. A girlfriend of mine kicked me in my pants and told me it can be done - we will have a fun raiser. Hope began to grow again.

So I sucked it up, and put my energies toward fixing 'that dog'. I walk the dogs everyday. That is our quiet time. While walking them earlier this week, I found .50 on the road.

It hit me - all I need is .50 from 2000 people and this will be ok. So the campaign started. .50 from 2000 people "For a Chance to run".

I have put a donation button on my blog, and all proceeds from my jewelry sales from now till the end of June go toward not only his surgery but any money left over goes to a fund to help the next rescue dog who may suffer from this.

I posted on Facebook and Twitter, and it word is being reposted and spread at a mind boggling rate. I got an email this morning from a person in MA, whom I have never met, who wants to send me .50. *I cried when I read it* How AWESOME is that!

This is the sweet boi

me and 'the three' - I only have mobile pics - i am such a bad mom

the partners in crime - Newd and Rose

Here is the interview with the vet about what is going on with 'Chance'

Word has spread like wildfire around Facebook and Twitter bout that dog - Chance or Newd Og and his need for surgery. But what exactly is going on with him?

I have interviewed my vet in Fuquay for more information on this surgery that Newd Og is going to need. I wanted to know more, and I wanted you to know why I am so passionate about this that I am humbling myself asking for help, .50 at a time.

Let's meet Dr. Cotton first.
Dr. Cotton, always with a smile on her face and a kind and gentle hand, can be found at the Fuquay Veterinary Animal Hospital, in Fuquay, NC. Dr. Cotton graduated in 1987 from NC State and has been practicing veterinary medicine for 22 years.

I think people are born to be vets. Everyone I have known who is a vet, or wanted to be a vet has dreamed and worked toward that goal from their earliest memories. So, I asked Dr. Cotton - "Have you always wanted to be a vet? "

Dr. C: No, I didn't want to be a vet until I was about the age of 12. I wanted to be a cowboy before that. (we are kindred spirits!)

Dr. Cottons original practice included farm and small animals. After the birth of her daughter, she made the decision to leave the large/farm animals and concentrate on small animals/household pets.

So Dr. Cotton, with all of your experience, can you tell us, what really is Ununited Anconeal Process? At birth bones are not fused, in humans or animals. These bones over time, grow and fuse. In certain breeds (larger breeds most effected) the anconeal process (elbow) which is part of the ulna (arm bone) does not fuse. If not fused by a specific age this bone will never unite and it will cause pain and disability.

What causes it? Most common causes are genetic defect. It is passed down through the father and mother, making it a heredity trait. Other causes can include improper nutrition or abnormal mechanical stress. Although this is found commonly in the larger breeds, Dr. Cotton has not seen many cases. Diet and exercise play a very important part maintaining your dogs health, well being, and comfort with this condition. Keeping your pet active and trim is very important when dealing with Ununited Anconeal Process.

Is surgery the only option? Is there a form of P.T. that may help to strengthen the muscles that would help? For the best quality of life for the effected pet, surgery, although very expensive, is the only answer. If the elbow is not corrected by either removing the anconeal completely or by attaching it with screws, the joint will eventually fuse with arthritis, limiting the animals range of motion, and putting it in constant pain.

Can the dog be given anything for pain? Yes. There are over the counter human medicines that can be taken by your dog like aspirin or Tylenol. Other human prescriptions such as Ultram will even work. As always, before giving your pet something for pain, make sure you consult with your veterinarian for the proper choice and dosage.

After surgery, what are the recovery percentages? As always there are exceptions to every rule, but for the most part, the surgery is always successful putting recovery at a very high percentage. Depending on the severity of the problem there may be a limp, but nothing that would jeopardize the pets health or be debilitating or painful.

Thank you Dr. Cotton for all your information. This gives me great hope that Chance/Newd Og will have a long, healthy, happy and pain free life.
Blogging from ur fone is not unlike twitter. It fills the void when there is no network

Monday, May 4, 2009

Have display will travel

What does a picnic basket have to do with a display I hear you ask - Let me show you :)

This is not an original idea. I remember seeing somewhere, and I pray the internet gods forgive me for not bookmarking it to share the love, but I can't for the life of me remember where it was. What I originally saw was the use of a steamer trunk for a display - I have made it smaller and more portable this way.

Here is what I used :

Wicker picnic basket ($5.00 at the Good Will) - minus dinner ware and curious cat.

Pipe cleaners and side nippers.

Glue dots and colored paper

Cut the paper to fit to the inside of the basket, this give your pieces a solid and fun background that will allow the pieces to be seen and not get lost with the wicker weaving, and then secure it to the inside with the glue dots.

Cut the pipe cleaners into thirds with the side nippers and make the pipe cleaner into a 'U' shape. Push one end thru the wicker weave slide on the end of the necklace and push the other end off the pipe cleaner thru the wicker weave.

Twist the ends together to keep the item secure.

And there you have it kids - an interesting and fun display that will pack and travel like a dream!