Saturday, May 23, 2009

Just for fun

I found this little beauty while organizing in my room today. I had forgot about a bag of re purpose goodies my mom had given me.

hand carved mother of pearl pendant. I have no idea era or origin but knowing how long my mom has had it, and where she has traveled, I would venture to say circa 70's and either from Mexico or Israel

I hung it on the wall so i can look up at it while i am cleaning and see if i get any inspiration on how to use it.

single strand focal, or multi strand accent....i don't know - what would you do?


  1. This is beautiful and the picture is great!! You can see how perfect and shiny smooth it is! This would be very pretty dangling from the rings and things black cording :) or one of their chokers. Whatever you do with it will be gorgeous, I'm certain!

  2. i know that piece!! what will you make with it?