Thursday, May 7, 2009

And now for something completely different.........

I have several passions, one you all know is my jewelry, stones, and beads. Then there is the passion that consumes my soul. I have a soft spot for animals, especially rescue/shelter animals. I have 2 dogs and 3 cats and am in the process of adopting yet another dog. He is a hard luck story too. He is young, 6 mo old with a debilitating problem - Ununited Anconeal Process. Surgery is required to correct this problem, and it is expensive. The rescue foundation is willing to waive the adoption fee for me to take him due to the cost of the surgery.

I had a big pity party for myself when I found out the cost of the surgery, and nearly gave up on the idea of adopting due to the cost. A girlfriend of mine kicked me in my pants and told me it can be done - we will have a fun raiser. Hope began to grow again.

So I sucked it up, and put my energies toward fixing 'that dog'. I walk the dogs everyday. That is our quiet time. While walking them earlier this week, I found .50 on the road.

It hit me - all I need is .50 from 2000 people and this will be ok. So the campaign started. .50 from 2000 people "For a Chance to run".

I have put a donation button on my blog, and all proceeds from my jewelry sales from now till the end of June go toward not only his surgery but any money left over goes to a fund to help the next rescue dog who may suffer from this.

I posted on Facebook and Twitter, and it word is being reposted and spread at a mind boggling rate. I got an email this morning from a person in MA, whom I have never met, who wants to send me .50. *I cried when I read it* How AWESOME is that!

This is the sweet boi

me and 'the three' - I only have mobile pics - i am such a bad mom

the partners in crime - Newd and Rose

Here is the interview with the vet about what is going on with 'Chance'

Word has spread like wildfire around Facebook and Twitter bout that dog - Chance or Newd Og and his need for surgery. But what exactly is going on with him?

I have interviewed my vet in Fuquay for more information on this surgery that Newd Og is going to need. I wanted to know more, and I wanted you to know why I am so passionate about this that I am humbling myself asking for help, .50 at a time.

Let's meet Dr. Cotton first.
Dr. Cotton, always with a smile on her face and a kind and gentle hand, can be found at the Fuquay Veterinary Animal Hospital, in Fuquay, NC. Dr. Cotton graduated in 1987 from NC State and has been practicing veterinary medicine for 22 years.

I think people are born to be vets. Everyone I have known who is a vet, or wanted to be a vet has dreamed and worked toward that goal from their earliest memories. So, I asked Dr. Cotton - "Have you always wanted to be a vet? "

Dr. C: No, I didn't want to be a vet until I was about the age of 12. I wanted to be a cowboy before that. (we are kindred spirits!)

Dr. Cottons original practice included farm and small animals. After the birth of her daughter, she made the decision to leave the large/farm animals and concentrate on small animals/household pets.

So Dr. Cotton, with all of your experience, can you tell us, what really is Ununited Anconeal Process? At birth bones are not fused, in humans or animals. These bones over time, grow and fuse. In certain breeds (larger breeds most effected) the anconeal process (elbow) which is part of the ulna (arm bone) does not fuse. If not fused by a specific age this bone will never unite and it will cause pain and disability.

What causes it? Most common causes are genetic defect. It is passed down through the father and mother, making it a heredity trait. Other causes can include improper nutrition or abnormal mechanical stress. Although this is found commonly in the larger breeds, Dr. Cotton has not seen many cases. Diet and exercise play a very important part maintaining your dogs health, well being, and comfort with this condition. Keeping your pet active and trim is very important when dealing with Ununited Anconeal Process.

Is surgery the only option? Is there a form of P.T. that may help to strengthen the muscles that would help? For the best quality of life for the effected pet, surgery, although very expensive, is the only answer. If the elbow is not corrected by either removing the anconeal completely or by attaching it with screws, the joint will eventually fuse with arthritis, limiting the animals range of motion, and putting it in constant pain.

Can the dog be given anything for pain? Yes. There are over the counter human medicines that can be taken by your dog like aspirin or Tylenol. Other human prescriptions such as Ultram will even work. As always, before giving your pet something for pain, make sure you consult with your veterinarian for the proper choice and dosage.

After surgery, what are the recovery percentages? As always there are exceptions to every rule, but for the most part, the surgery is always successful putting recovery at a very high percentage. Depending on the severity of the problem there may be a limp, but nothing that would jeopardize the pets health or be debilitating or painful.

Thank you Dr. Cotton for all your information. This gives me great hope that Chance/Newd Og will have a long, healthy, happy and pain free life.


  1. Big ol' hugs for you and Newd Og. I hope the rest of the donations flood you like a tsunami very soon.

    Will be mentioning this in my blog tomorrow.

  2. Thanks Dawno - you are the best!