Monday, May 4, 2009

Have display will travel

What does a picnic basket have to do with a display I hear you ask - Let me show you :)

This is not an original idea. I remember seeing somewhere, and I pray the internet gods forgive me for not bookmarking it to share the love, but I can't for the life of me remember where it was. What I originally saw was the use of a steamer trunk for a display - I have made it smaller and more portable this way.

Here is what I used :

Wicker picnic basket ($5.00 at the Good Will) - minus dinner ware and curious cat.

Pipe cleaners and side nippers.

Glue dots and colored paper

Cut the paper to fit to the inside of the basket, this give your pieces a solid and fun background that will allow the pieces to be seen and not get lost with the wicker weaving, and then secure it to the inside with the glue dots.

Cut the pipe cleaners into thirds with the side nippers and make the pipe cleaner into a 'U' shape. Push one end thru the wicker weave slide on the end of the necklace and push the other end off the pipe cleaner thru the wicker weave.

Twist the ends together to keep the item secure.

And there you have it kids - an interesting and fun display that will pack and travel like a dream!


  1. That is simply brilliant. And talk about fast, easy and on a budget DIY - three stars!

  2. It was so fast. It is a great last minute idea espically for small shows if you dont' have a lot of 'real estate' to work with. Plus I just edited it to show the price :)

  3. oh wow! ma this looks great

  4. Hi there! what a great idea! I've never seen that before! How nice that you shared the process for putting this together!

  5. Lisa you are the sweetest. I am fat because you are so sweet :)