Monday, May 11, 2009

Inspiration Proclamation Award

I was bored at work today, and cruising blogs as I do, and there is one in particular that I feel needs to be pointed out. So I used my l33t Gimp skills and created an image and am starting a new award. Recognition Monday, I think I will call it from now on.

There are no rules attached to this award. If there is someone who inspires you, yoink the image from this blog (image url at the bottom if'n ya need help) and write bout the person that inspired you to do so.

I was inspired to create this award by Dawno - If you don't know her blog, do so. She is a great source of inspiration for beaders, an endless supply of encouragement for all, and selfless in her promotions of other bloggers of interest. How she finds time to do what she does amazes me. I am convinced if the world took a second to follow her lead and get to know their neighbors it would indeed be a better place.

Here is the image information if you need to put it into your blog and tell the world about who inspires you!


  1. ...

    I'm speechless!


    Thank you so much, Tish. That is a beautiful icon and such a wonderful idea. Thank you for your very kind words. It's enormously encouraging to know that something one aspires to has been recognized.

    I would turn right around and give this award back to you, you know, but I'm thinking you'd like me to use it in a spirit of 'paying it forward', so I'll look for another someone out there who inspires me and pass it along.

  2. you captured it just as i hoped you would - pay it forward!

  3. I do know Dawno's blog and I agree 100%!! She is quite an inspiration and somehow I think she must be blessed with at least one extra hour in her day to do all that she does!