Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday quickie - I am at my dumb

"I am at my dumb" is an expression that was born from a nite of 'porchin it' and has become a household expression.

See, wha hah happened wuz - So many nites are spent on the porch. We get to talk. There is no t.v. no distractions, only the dogs in the yard and the traffic on the road. We talk about our day, our frustrations, plan vacations, defend the righteous and side with the underdog. Because of these nites I have fallen in love with my husband all over again.

Some off these nites are spent with coffee, some off them with beer. One nite in par-tick-you-lar was a nite of beer. Porch eh-teh-cut states that if you go in for a beer, you must always ask the participants if they would like one too. I was asked, in my mind, I declined with - "No thank you, I am done" My mouth decided it was time to play a little trick on me and spouted - "I am at my dumb"

*insert laughter, pointing of fingers, repeating of statement*


It stuck. This statement is interchangeable, that is the beauty of it. For instance -

If you are done, do not want more, etc... I am at my dumb
If you want to lightly pointout someones mistake ...I am at my dumb
If you want to point out that a particular situation is uncomfortable or ridiculous.....I am at my dumb
If you are stooop-eh-fied, impressed, delighted, overwhelmed, exhausted....I am at my dumb

You get the idea. So now that I have taken you on a journey around my elbow to get to my ankle, i'll explain why this blog is about a co-loke-you-all-ism (can't say it much less spell it).

Yesterday, with great enthusiasm I began to work on wrapping the sea glass that was given to me by my friend. I was so thrilled with it when I was finished, I literally sat back in my chair, folded my arms and nodded. This isn't to say that it is a work of art, or that it is going to be my most expensive or used as a way to markets one of my skill sets, this is to say - this piece I made for me - a reflection of me and what I am, personally. I have no intention of selling this, in fact I would almost say this is going to be the piece that defines me - the piece that I wear the most. I don't expect it to speak to everyone, but I hope it may give you a better insight as to who I am.

I am at My Dumb

How it started

Where it took me

and i am wearing it today :)

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