Thursday, May 21, 2009

Treasure Find! - Edit - Pics added!

My friend Allie came back from her 'Maycation' with a gift for me. She was walking on the beach and found some fun pebbles and a BEAUTIFUL HUGE piece of sea glass -

This baby measures 1 1/2" x 1 1/4", it is just stunning! The texture is incredible, porous from the grinding of the sand but yet so silky.

I have a bag of some fun 'sea glass' that was a gift from a friend and I have enjoyed playing with in some of my pieces. It had sparked an interest in me of what really is sea glass - so I started poking around.

What is Sea Glass? - Sea glass is just that; glass that has been found by a body of water. Sometimes known as mermaid tears or beach glass, it is glass that has fallen into the water and over time been churned by the waves and ground by the sand to a frosty smooth bauble. You can really tell the difference between crafty sea glass and the real thing. Crafty sea glass still has a more point to the edges and altho frosty, it is not as porous.

Make your own sea glass!

There are several types of sea glass. The type and color will dictate the worth of the piece. I am afraid to take a stab at what this is worth.

There is so much to learn about sea glass, (there is even a Sea Glass Association!)and a great escape for me to imagine where the glass came from :)


I am working on this when I have downtime at work. I made it this far and couldn't help myself, and took a pic with my phone. So much fun!

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