Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Picture day - R & T challenge pics

I am trying to get caught up. Not having an internet connection at the house has really put me behind with my updates. I have so much to say, and don't want to put it all in one blog, it would get moe-knot-uhn-us


I got my Rings-Things challenge in the mail!

Satin like cord, and gold and silver plated chains, bulk chain, and cell phone thingies!! So much fun!!! For once I could just let go and create, fast and furious and embrace my ADHD - (beading is a great exercise for me to hold my focus for 15 minutes at a time). This is a great challenge and instant gratification. The biggest problem I had was I had too many ideas pop into my head and not enough time or holders to finish all the ideas - I see an order a brewin :) Working with the cell phone charm holders is to date my favorite. It isn't just for cell phones. Think zipper pull - sweaters, purses, back packs - think pull chain - add them to your pull chains for ceiling fans and lights - think book mark - oh yes, I sed it ;) - think boot decorations - put them in the pull straps for your boots. They are limitless!!!

Check these out!

This one is my favorite

You know what was the best part? The reference manual - OMG. I love reference manuals. I am terrible. I will pick those up over a novel anyday for my 'casual' reading. (geek)

THANKS RINGS & THINGS!!!! This was the funnest 15 minutes of my life!!!!!!


  1. Great charms! Looks like we both went straight to the lariats. :-)

  2. I squealed when I saw the lariats, and i got so excited, i literally slobbered on myself from glee.

    oh the little things :)

  3. Hey Tish, this is what we technically term a "bead frenzy". Enjoy!


  4. heheheheheeheheheh, it was just that :)

  5. I love them all especially the buttons, how fun it is to freely create, I could feel your energy from here!!