Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday this and that

I have been w/o the internet since Thurs afternoon. It has come up in spurts from time to time but not long enuff to get anything accomplished. It made me realize how much I depend on it for entertainment. Left to my own devices I found fun things to do around the house. 

Then what happens - I throw out my back. Yesterday was spent in a prone position with a heating pad and eye-be-pro-fin. *sigh*. It is somewhat better today, but I won't push it. I called the organizer of the festival I was participating in today and told her I had to back out. I was so upset. The money from that was going toward the surgery that Newd Og has to have (the dog I am adopting). 

I sent myself an invitation to the pity party that was about to errupt in my soul, but respectfully declined.  Those multi colored cone party hats clash with my eyes and the hangovers from the "Why Me?" punch is killer. No thank you. Instead, I am going to find the good in this.

I can't go to the festival - and it is such a beautiful day. I get some great porch time with the dogs. I drag my chair out to the yard and throw a stick. It is great. They have a blast and play and I get to be part of it. Good number one. 

Read - I have to get caught up on my blogs. 2 of my favs - Dawno's Beaded Lanyards and A Bead a Day, never fail to provide new and wonderful information, tips, how to's and support.  These two blogs have become a daily must for me, just like coffee. The day is not complete w/o either :)  Good number two.

Organize. My movement is limited. This forces me to sit, stand or lay down, but never a mixture of any.  Being that I can sit, I can start to organize my craft room - one table at a time. I won't be able to do it all, but I think I can make a dent from the chair. Good number three.

Learn humility - yeah you heard me. I run at break neck speeds, full throttle all the time, now forced to ask for help. Simple stuff like take the laundry from the dryer, vacuum the stairs, carry the trash -   all these things I do, grumbling to myself that I never have any help. If I would just ask, I could have help. This is good number 4 and life lesson 567,891 learned.

With that said I am off to make 'good' on these good lesssons learned.

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  1. I am so sad to hear about your internet woes and, especially, your back and missing the festival! Didn't to crash the pity party though, so I'm glad you decided against it :-)

    Thank you for the kind words about my blog, I'm so happy you like to visit me there!

    As for the lesson, it's a good one. Add it to the "say no sometimes" and "the mess will wait for a bit while I rest" are good ones :-)