Monday, November 30, 2009

Cubic Zirconias from ArtBeads

I got a beautiful selection of cubic zirconia beads from Art Beads over the weekend. Rich and warm in color, these are truly amazing.

CZ-BOR-OV9 - 7x9mm Burnt Orange CZ Oval *
CZ-BOR-REC10 - 8x10mm Burnt Orange CZ Rectangle *
CZ-CRY-CN6 - 6mm Crystal CZ Coin *
CZ-YEL6 - 6mm Yellow CZ Round Bead *

I had never worked with CZ's before and did a bit of research on them to share with you.

What is a cubic zirconia? Cubic zirconia is a man-made, synthetic stone used as an inexpensive alternative to a diamond or other colored gemstone.

Is a CZ the same as Zircon? No. Zircon is not to be confused with cubic zirconia. Zircon is a natural occurring gem, not man made. It is a zirconium silicate (ZrSiO4) and cubic zirconia (or CZ) is the cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide (ZrO2).

Cubic zirconia beads are delicate, and it is advise the utmost care be taken when working with them. To keep their polish at an optimum, it is best to treat them gently taking care of possible wear and tear when a piece is being worn by teaming it with non abrasive beads to prevent scratching. I did notice there are a few small nicks on the beads that I have, and I am guessing it is from rolling about with the other beads in the packaging. A nice soft cotton cloth for polishing finished designs is a good way to bring up their shine and when possible the use of cotton gloves when working with them will also prevent dulling their finish.

When I think of a CZ, I immediately think of a diamond. I did not know they came in so many different colors. Metal oxides are added to the CZ manufacturing process to create the different colors. Here are a few examples of what metals are used to create different colors.

Cerium: yellow, orange. red
Chromium: green
Neodymium: purple
Erbium: pink
Titanium: golden brown

These beads are heavier than Swarovski or Czech glass beads, and more expensive. Depending on what you are wanting to make, you can use the CZ's as an accent or have an exquisite piece of just CZ's, the choices are endless!

Thank you Art Beads for giving me the chance to work with such beautiful beads!

*FTC compliance disclosure: the '*' items mentioned in this post credited to Art Beads were provided as a promotional gift as part of the Blogging for Beaders Program. These items are for review or design purposes.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Saturday's show

Saturday finally came, and I was beside myself with anticipation - check that - worry. After hearing that I had a 10x10 space, I knew I would not have enuff inventory to fill it. In my panic, I cranked out a few new pieces to make myself feel better about all that empty real estate I was going to be looking at all day.

Rousted James out of bed (he was surprisingly pleasent) and off we went. It wasn't that far away, only an hour, but I am glad we had extra time - we got lost. One of my biggest concerns was that doors open to vendors at 8 - doors open to public at 9. That gives me an hour to set up. Found my spot, right next to a baked goods booth (oh the irony) and "oh happy day!", they had provided a table and two chairs!!! I was grateful to have the help, and flustered because he had no idea how to set it up and was always in my way. I stood in my chair and made an announcement to all the other vendors in the room I would rent him out for the morning. Everyone cheered and laffed, cept him :)

Now how do I want to set it up? I chose setting up the table along one side of the area instead of in the middle to open up the booth and hopefully make people feel more welcome. This proved to be a good choice with the table next to me being crowded all day. There was a lot of overflow into my area of people visiting and shopping the yummy desserts.

On the end of the table, I hung (hanged?) DISPLAYED! two signs. One with my name and my town (shows I am local), and the second touting the give away I am doing. I was excited about the give away. I offer the give aways to my FaceBook fans and to my blog readers, but I wanted to extend it to my shoppers as well. I had the necklace and the issue of Bead Trends it was published in displayed on the table with a little tent telling customers they could 'Win This!' If they signed up for my email list they got one entry, bought something, they got three more entries added to their name for a possible total of four. It was a smashing success!

I used half of the table cloth to cover my small table, and the other half draped across the chair to hold my earring board. I put one of my signs against the wall to show some of my pieces that have been published in Bead Trends and then had several of the magazines displayed under the earring board so customers could browse them if they wanted to.

As it happened - I had more than enuff to cover both tables! I honestly could have set up another table if I had had another cloth to cover it. This opens up a whole new world for me and the size of the shows I can do. I was very excited.

Over all it was a great success. My formula for a good show, is that I make three times my booth rent in sales. This show, I did over five times my booth rent!!!!

During the down times I do have to find ways to entertain myself. This show was no different. The ladies had provided each of the vendors with a little goodie bag of water, Nabs, and some Chicklets.

You know exactly what I did!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Last mintue challenge! Are you up for it?!?!

I stopped by Dawno's blog as I always do on Sundays to see where her wanderings in the "blog-o-sphere" has taken her, and found a link to Silver Parrots blog.

Silver Parrot is doing a color challenge on her blog. She has posted several pictures and is challenging you to create a bracelet based on the pictures she has posted.

Here's the kicker - It has to be finished and posted by 5 pm Pacific today! I just looked at the clock, I am three hours behind, and it is 4 pm here - I have four hours to do this, and I think I will!

I posted this blog before it was finished with the pictures of my bracelet, in hopes to catch any of my east coast readers who may still have time to visit the blog and create something for the challenge. I'll edit the post in a bit with my entry.

It is a lazy misty Sunday afternoon here, this is just the perfect activity to keep me occupied :)

Good luck!!

Edit -


Okies, here is my cap-eh-tiller (that is what i use to call them when i was little)

I chose this little guy because I have always had an attraction to them. Mebbe it is the transformation they go thru, as I am always reinventing myself, or mebbe it is brilliance of color they wear during their life that makes them so special to me. Never be afraid of color :)

I put it on black leather to be the base of all the colors, so the orange, blue and green would pop. I put them on as charms so there would be movement, like the cap-eh-tillers move along the branches.

Friday, November 20, 2009

ArtFire PSA - Coolness

I am still finding my way around ArtFire and am so impressed with it. I stop by a couple days a week to put up more product and to make a wish list of things that I want. (more to make my wishlist)

"But why do you post items up on ArtFire? You have your own site." I hear you say.

Yes I do. At first ArtFire was used to post my more fun/eclectic pieces that didn't fit in with the inventory me and my partner had on our site. When we dissolved the partnership, I didn't have a site for my things so I moved to ArtFire. When my site did go up, I wanted to use ArtFire to sell supplies, not finished jewelry.

After the first of the year I am going to give my site a complete make over. I got some great links, and great advice from Lisa over at A Bead A Day, and I am going to stand on it, and make it happen. During the time of the make over, I have to have some place to keep my inventory available to my customers, so I am putting it up on ArtFire. This way I don't have to manually put each piece back onto my site. I can just copy and paste and I am done.

"Geezopete Tish, where are you going with this!!!"

Yeah, yeah.

Yesterday while I was putting up new items, I noticed this:

See that little shopping cart icon? I couldn't figgure out what that was. I did a mouse over and the info box told me - IT WAS IN SOMEONES CART!!! I scrolled thru all the pages and there were five little carts. Someone was doing some shopping! I got so excited I squealed.

It is part of sticky cart. If you have sticky cart active then if someone does add an item to thier cart noone else will be able to buy it for 30 mins from when they first added it. They will be able to add the item to thier cart but there will be a message saying that the item is 'stuck' in someone elses cart.

After the 30 mins the item will leave the first cart if it is not purchased and someone else will be able to buy it.

How cool is that!!

Then there is the Global Editing feature - well, that is another entry and another cup of coffee!

Thanks ArtFire for having the best site for vendors and shoppers! It is a great community with super support.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Last minute this and that

Am working a later shift for the next two days, so I had some xtra time this morning to whip up some 'filler' for my booth this weekend. I started making more of the memory wire bracelets and had an idea. Being I am going to have more room than expected I wanted to have a great display and not to too sparse. Normally I put a few of the issues of Bead Trends Magazine out in the display next to the piece that was in that issue.

If I am going to have a book on the table, why not have a book mark or two? I also like to have a diverse offering for my customers, not everyone is into jewelry so I have the key chains, and zipper pulls to fill in that gap.

Today was my last morning for creativity. Tonite and tomorrow I will be getting things organized and stacked ready to pull out first thing Saturday morning.

I am already edgy because I have a couple of ideas knocking around in my head and I know I can't do anything with it till Sunday. I will have to jot it down I think.

What do you do to remember your designs when you don't have time to bead?

Dyed howlite, magnesite, carnelian, glass pearl, quartz

Tigers eye, agate, vintage lucite, glass pearls

Fluorite, crystals, citrine, turquoise, vintage Czech glass.

Fire crab agate, glass pearl, fancy jasper

Fancy jasper, vintatge lucite, Czech crystal, citrine

Rutilate quartz, malachite, vintage lucite, Czech glass

Raspberry 'quartz' glass, banded agate, vintage button, glass pearl, swarovski

Sesame jasper

Crazy horse jasper

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Goin' with the flow

I am cramming to get last minute things done before my show on Saturday. I am in a panic that I don't have enough items. I just found out that I have gone from a 9x3 space to a 10x10...I normally only use one table. How am I going to make this work with such a huge space and only one table. I don't want to stick out like a sore thumb and look unprepared.

I think I can modify the space with a couple of card tables that I have, and use the space to separate out the displays - bracelets on one table, necklaces on another, etc. Now the problem of how much inventory do I have and will it work well on three tables and not look too sparse.

I am pulling my hair out.

*cue twilight zone music* *As i am writing this, my husband pops up on IM at the exact same moment , as i type - i am pulling my hair out - and says - "Do you need my help on Saturday setting up/manning the booth?" - *blink* *blink* *weeps* It is rare he offers to help, especially if I have to travel to the show. He got my enery, he knew. He's a keeper I could go into a whole nuther entry on how to send out the proper energies and how you will be taken care of but that is another enter and another cup of coffee. *

In this panic, I am sitting at my work table trying to grind out pieces to add to the inventory and - nothing. Nothing. Nothing looks right, nothing goes together right, nothing.

Time to push back from the table and do something else. My something else almost always is clean. As I am cleaning I find a stick of ram I had 'decorated' a while back but never finished. Since I had made the pin for the Rings & Things challenge, wonder if I can make a pin out of this?

Why not!!!

I played around with some floral wire and attached the pin to the back of the design.

It hangs great!

I have several of these sticks of ram and may add a bit of quirky fun to my display. Chic Geek - not to sound too cliche, but so true :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Rings & Things Blogger Challenge - Tim Holtz Idea-ology series

When I saw the Tim Holtz collection in this months Rings & Things blogger challenge, I will admit, for a nano second, I cocked my head and thought to myself, but isn't this for scrap booking?!?

*blink* *blink*

Then the neon sign that flashes OPEN came on over my head.

This was so much fun! I had the idea in my head and was spurred along by the 80's music channel, bouncing in my chair to Adam Ant, I came up with this pin!

Heres' what I used:

55-000-05 - Idea-ology, Ornate Plates (Antiqued Metals) *

40-099-24-7 - Chain, Footage, Oval Curb, 10.5mm (Antiqued Copper Plated)*

46-402-54 - Artistic Wire™, 22g, 15yd (Natural Copper)

24-101-7 - 10mm Round Bead, Filigree, (Antiqued Copper Plated)

37-136-7 5mm Jump Ring, Round, (Antiqued Copper Plated)

Glass pearls

Faceted 10mm carnelian bead

Vintage 'amber' glass bead

Vintage crystal

Metal pin back

I miss the 80's. It was so much fun, and from looking at the latest style trends, it make be making a come back!

I need to find my leopard capri's and hand cuff belt and bring it back!

*FTC compliance disclosure: the '*' items mentioned in this post credited to Rings & Things were provided as a promotional gift as part of the Blog Partner Program. These items are for review or design purposes. Find out more about the Rings & Things Blog Partner Program

Friday, November 13, 2009

Bead Trends May 2010 Call

Only 10 days left to get your ideas submitted or get started on them!! Hurry kids!!

Dont' know what Bead Trends Magazine is? You can order a copy from their site, get yours in hard copy or digital copy!!!

Or find a local retailer that sells them.

Hobby Lobby
carries Bead Trends Magazine and has a 40% off coupon on their site. You can print the coupon from there and use it to buy the magazine!

Taken from

Bead Trends (May 2010) Call

Bead Trends is currently looking for designs with the following themes for our May 2010 issue

  • Quick & Easy
  • Fashion Favorites - Features designs from a variety of styles and mediums that can be a personal favorite or necessary staple in any wardrobe.
  • Birthstones (Emerald/Chrysoprase)
  • Anything Goes - The beaded possibilities are endless and not just limited to jewelry. What about pillows, table runners, picture frames, lamps, clothing, candle collars, wine glass charms, and home decor. This category can contain jewelry and a whole lot more!
  • For Mom - Jewelry is the perfect gift for Mother's Day!
  • Necklaces
  • Vintage styles - Vintage or vintage inspired jewelry.
  • Simply "Charming" - All those fabulous designs incorporating charms and dangles.
  • Eclectic Design

If you would like to submit your work to this publication, please e-mail a photograph, the name or title of your piece, and contact information to:

If submitting multiple pieces, please send a separate e-mail and photograph for each design.

Deadline for the May 2010 issue is 11:59 p.m. MDT, November 25th, 2009. All ideas should be your original work and not previously published.

We will review all submissions, and if selected, we will contact you by December 1st with additional information. All pieces will need to be shipped to us directly for photography and arrive in our office by December 11th. Your creation will be returned to you insured, after the issue has been printed.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Not Knots!! or How memory wire saved my life

I am going into a busy busy time. I have something every weekend from now till the week before Christmas. On top of that I have product in five stores and have to get them ramped up for their holiday shopping.

I don't have enough time!!

I need something quick that will bulk out my inventory, give my customers a choice and work in a retail setting as well.

Something that I can crank out without looking like it came off of an assembly line.

*think* *think*

One thing I get quite a call for and haven't been able to provide to my customers are elastic bracelets. I cant' tie a knot to save my life. I have gotten some great tips from my readers when I reached out for advice on just this very problem a while back, sadly, my fear of elastic has kept me from trying any.

While at Walmart yesterday, I did a quick stroll thru the craft department (one of the few Walmarts that still has a craft dept.) and I saw memory wire. Me and memory wire don't have the greatest history. I used it years ago, when I first started making jewelry, and didn't understand the principles of it and became very frustrated. I thought I would try it again. I got a 5' coil for $2.67. It was worth the risk.

This morning I played around with a couple ideas when the flood gates opened. Out of that 5' length of memory wire, I got six bracelets! They are fun and versatile. No clasp to worry about and no knots!

Here's what I used:

Vintage Italian Lucite Marbled Red w/ White Rounds 12mm 20pc *- A Beadin Path
Glass pearls- Walmart
Bright Sterling Silver Twisted Jump Rings, approx 8mm - Sedona Stones
Round banded agate
Square banded agate
Czech Fire Polished Bead Jet 6mm - Art Beads
Faceted jasper roundelle
Sterling beads
Faceted AB Czech crystal
Repurposed black crystal
Black seed beads

Spice jasper round beads approx.12mm
-Sedona Stones
Sterling daisy spacers
Glass pearls - Walmart

Dyed Magnesite
Sterling daisy spacers

Re purposed wood beads
Sterling barrels
6mm howlite - Rings & Things

Round Snowman Head (Limited Stock) (White) Glass Bead *- Rings & Things
Re purposed plastic beads
Seed Beads

Thanks for stoppin by!

*FTC compliance disclosure: the '*' items mentioned in this post credited to Rings & Things and Beadin Path were provided as a promotional gift as part of the Blog Partner Program. These items are for review or design purposes. Find out more about the Rings & Things Blog Partner Program

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rings & Things Blogger Challenge - BooYa!!!!

I will remember last night for quite a while. It all came together. The image I had in my head actually came out of my fingers and I have an exact copy in front of me from what I saw in my minds eye.


I am so pleased - I can't stop smiling.

My blogger package came from Rings & Things, such an amazing selection this month. That wood chain had me at hello - and I had to get my hands on it.

Here is what I used -

From Rings & Things

Wood Chain, Disk and Loop (Ebony)*

Chain, Footage, Oval Curb, 10.5mm (Antiqued Copper Plated)

Bead, Gemstone, 18x25mm Puffed Oval (Blue-Green Turquoise Magnesite)*

Bead, Filigree, 10mm Round (Antiqued Copper Plated)

Bead, Gemstone, Round, 6mm, AB-B Grade (Amethyst)

Artistic Wire™, 22g, 15yd (Natural Copper)

Jump Ring, Round, 5mm (Antiqued Copper Plated)

From Sedona Stones
One strand solid copper soldered jump rings, 10 mm

I threaded the copper chain through the links of the wooden chain, leaving about 2 1/2 inches or so of the copper chain at either end. I opened one of the links of the copper chain and attached it to the last wooden link so the wooden chain would not 'gather' in the middle of the necklace. That is the beauty of those copper links. They have a seam, and you can adjust the chain without having to cut away a link and waste it.

I secured the ends of the chain with a jump ring and attached a toggle to it. I added embellishments of copper links, amethyst, copper filigree beads, magnesite and carnelian to the copper chain to add some color and to keep your eyes moving. This piece is busy!

And here she is boys and girls -

This has been the BEST blogger challenge selection ever! Stop by Rings & Things blog and check out the links to other blog partners to see what they are doing with their packages. The inspiration is endless!!

Thanks Rings & Things and thank you Dave for your support and fabulous blogging community outreach!

*FTC compliance disclosure: the '*' items mentioned in this post credited to Rings & Things were provided as a promotional gift as part of the Blog Partner Program. These items are for review or design purposes. Find out more about the Rings & Things Blog Partner Program

Monday, November 9, 2009

Octopus's Garden - A Study in Creativity

It was a busy weekend. I felt rushed and in a bit of a panic to get things done so I could sit down and work. There has been a recent upheaval in my life due to a shift change and I am now working 9 - 6. I am not used to it, having a problem settling into it and it has destroyed my schedule. This schedule change has left me not being able to create in the mornings before work and has forced me to cram it into a weekend. *embrace the challenge, find the good* My mantra for the last week.

You know those times when it just doesn't happen? You try to come up with an idea, you try to put the pieces together and - nothing. Nada. That is when I go looking for the inspiration. As I have said in the past, I find inspiration in music, in nature, or in dreams. Most times my inspiration is there, I just have to learn how to take from it to create with it.

Google is celebrating Sesame Street's 40th year. In light of it, Heather of Beadin Path and I were talking about it last week. I was watching clips on You Tube and reminiscing about the great times I had growing up with Sesame Street and then being able to share those fun times with my daughter and watch them all over again with her.

In my searching I found this, one of my favorite:

From this video came the inspiration for this piece. A fun, whimsical, nonsense necklace created in a study of working outside the box, abstract interpretation, and letting go. You wouldn't believe the ideas I have rolling now.

I hand wound the links with sterling, and packed the pearls onto a length of beading wire. It is heavier than I thought.

It photographs like a dream. Great textures, a good flow.

It may not stay a necklace, it may not stay anything, but it did take me out of my comfort zone and allow me to play, and have a fun creative time going in a new direction.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Still playin with vintage lucite from Beadin Path!

I had to get some necklaces done to do an inventory swap with one of the art stores that has my designs.

I like to keep my displays fresh, and I swap out my inventory every six weeks or so. Lately it hasn't been difficult at all to be creative with the generous promotional strands of vintage lucite I received from Beadin Path. Being a design partner with Beadin Path means that Heather picks several promotional strands of beads from the inventory at Beadin Path and sends them to me about once a month or so. I am sent the beads to review and also to help promote through my blog. I don't receive any pay for these beads, and none is needed. The creative challenge that is posed to me each month is more than enough!

Of the necklaces I made this morning, this one I really like. I almost didn't take it in, and kept it for myself. Luckily, I held back enuff of the vintage lucite beads to make one for myself!

I used Antiqued brass 5x3mm chain from Firemountain Gems
Vintage lucite cube beads, 10mm Smoky Quartz from Beadin Path
Facted magnesite nuggets, a gift from a friend of mine
22 ga copper wire from Rings & Things
Hammered copper link from Cherry Tree Beads

It just feels like November to me. It is the perfect length and weight. Would look great over a light sweater peaking out from under a blazer on a casual nite out.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Geez O Pete Rings & Things!!!!

I picked up the mail today, and there was a bulky envelope in the mail box. I looked at the return address and saw it was from Rings & Things!

I did a dance at the street and skipped back to the house. The envelope was packed full. I couldn't imagine what they had stuffed in there.

Why do I get so excited? Being one of Rings & Things blog partners, each month or so I get a package of goodies sent as a promotion. Dave and the staff pick random items and send them to the blog partners for our review, and it helps promote new items. There is no pay, only the joy of having a new challenge each month, which is more than enough. There are times we pick our own components that we want to work with, but for the most part they are a surprise each month. They are not stingy with their choices either. I personally enjoy the surprise. It is amazing how these packages give my creativity a jump start.

Look what I got this month!

Starting at the Noon O'clock position and working clockwise finishing in the center.
40-099-24-7 - Chain, Footage, Oval Curb, 10.5mm (Antiqued Copper Plated)
40-099-38-7 - Chain, Footage, Robe-Textured Curb (Antiqued Copper Plated)
55-000-02 - Idea-ology, Corners, Antiqued Metal - Tim Holtz collection ( i love his stuff, have used it before)
55-000-09 - Idea-ology, Muse Tokens (Antiqued Metals) - Tim Holtz collection
55-000-04 - Idea-ology, Swivel Clasps (Antiqued Metals) - I have some of these, I use for keychains
29-610-01 - Wood Chain, Disk and Loop (Ebony) - This makes my heart happy!!!
55-000-05 - Idea-ology, Ornate Plates (Antiqued Metals) - I have BIG plans for this one!
55-000-03 - Idea-ology, Game Spinners (Antiqued Metals)

That first batch has me stupid with excitement.

Here is the second half - Christmas.

Starting at 1 o'clock and moving clockwise.
28-333-59 - Christmas Tree Glass Bead (Limited Stock)(Green/Red/White)
28-333-74 - Round Snowman Head Glass Bead (Limited Stock) (White)
28-333-67-211 - Christmas Teddy Bear Glass Bead (Limited Stock)(Brown)
28-333-73 - Christmas Penguin Glass Bead (Limited Stock)(Black/White)
28-333-67-211 - Gingerbread Man Glass Bead (Limited Stock)(Red)
28-333-69 - Christmas Stocking Glass Bead (Limited Stock)(Green/Red)

Now this guy I kept out separate.

56-999-05-042 - Octagon Glass Bottle (Clear) - I kept it out separate because I need a place to keep my wishes. The bail is the stopper of the bottle and unscrews to allow you to put anything in there. Genius!!

W is for Wonderful!!!!

Thanks Rings & Things!!!! Dave you out did yourself this time!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Carnelian and vintage lucite, with a dash of pearls, Recipie for a fun holiday necklace

It's Thanksgiving, you just bought a new sweater to wear to Aunt Sarahs for dinner and you want a new necklace to go with it.

That is what was running through my head as I was making this piece. I got caught up in the memories of watching my mom when I was little, getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner with family and wearing her new outfit and fussing about her appearance. It was important to her, and to her family to be their best on the holidays. Family would come in from all over the country for a long weekend of catching up, eating, sleeping, eating again and facing the Black Friday crowds at the local department stores to kick off the holiday shopping.

Loaded with fall colors, warm and inviting, the carnelian rectangles definitely make me hungry. They look sweet, like butterscotch candies, or pumpkin pie.

Your shopping list:
Carnelian rectangles - Sedona Stones
Vintage lucite Dark Rust Moonglow Heishi Rondells 4 x 8mm - Beadin Path
Citrine coins - Sedona Stones
Vintage lucite Cube Beads 10mm Smoky Quartz - Beadin Path
22-gauge Copper wire - Rings & Things
Fresh water pearls - Sedona Stones
Faceted red agate - Sedona Stones

Wrap seven carnelian rectangles with the copper wire.
Add copper links with vintage lucite beads - set aside.

String a pattern of pearls, vintage lucite, citrine and red agate and work into the design.
Add a clasp

Polish off the fingerprints (this step I forgot)
Wear with a smile.

Perfect recipe for a great holiday necklace

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Celebrating sping - Beadin Path Design Partner

*blink* *blink* Celebrating spring? whaa???

I can't help myself.

Here in NC it isn't so bad in the fall. It is pretty temperate all year actually. The problem lies in my mind - there I said it.

In my mind November is cold, frost on the pumpkin, crops comin in out of the fields, sweaters, blazing fire places, dark mornings, and gaining 15 lbs.

I am already projecting myself into April's cool moist mornings, fragrant with freshly tilled earth and early blooming flowers. That is the inspiration or mebbe even the desperation that channeled this bracelet.

Close your eyes and think of spring and the grass that is trying to grow. Clumps, spotty through the yard, with tiny violas, jonquils and crocus' pushing their way up. I am there, barefoot, wiggling my toes in the cool morning grass.

I used the LUC4525OR Vintage Lucite Tangerine Moonglow - 7mm rounds from Beadin Path as one of the strands.

Pink fresh water pearls or the second strand.
Lampwork, crackle quartz and opalite for the third strand

Give them a good mingle.

Three strands for a bulky sunshiney spring time celebration bracelet.
I'm ready.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Earrings and Novembers Birthstone - Citrine

I love citrine - as much as I say I love a stone, citrine is my favorite. I gravitate toward it everytime. I have citrine points on my mantel, a citrine tea light holder, citrine pocket stones, citrine hanging from my rear view mirror, a citrine stud in my ear (that I never take out) citrine, citrINE, CITRINE!!!!!

I should have been born in November instead of October the way I celebrate this birthstone.

A little bit about citrine -

"The name Citrine comes from an old French word, "citrin", meaning lemon. One of the more rare forms of quartz, this gemstone ranges in color from the palest yellow to a dark amber named Madeira because of its resemblance to the red wine.

Citrine crystals are found in igneous metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. It is believed that some Citrine may have actually begun as Amethyst, but heat from nearby molten rock changed it to the yellow form of quartz. Citrine is known to change color when subjected to heat and is routinely heated in the jewelry-making process to intensify its color. For this same reason, though, this gemstone should not be left in direct sunlight for a long time because it will permanently alter the color.

A gift of Citrine is symbolic for hope and strength. With its sunny brightness, this gemstone is ideal for helping anyone to get through the tough times in life!"

Citrine is so versatile, from earthy and simple:

To a warm representation of falls harvest colors in citrine colored crystals:

To evenings elegance:

Do you have a favorite piece of citrine jewelry?