Friday, November 20, 2009

ArtFire PSA - Coolness

I am still finding my way around ArtFire and am so impressed with it. I stop by a couple days a week to put up more product and to make a wish list of things that I want. (more to make my wishlist)

"But why do you post items up on ArtFire? You have your own site." I hear you say.

Yes I do. At first ArtFire was used to post my more fun/eclectic pieces that didn't fit in with the inventory me and my partner had on our site. When we dissolved the partnership, I didn't have a site for my things so I moved to ArtFire. When my site did go up, I wanted to use ArtFire to sell supplies, not finished jewelry.

After the first of the year I am going to give my site a complete make over. I got some great links, and great advice from Lisa over at A Bead A Day, and I am going to stand on it, and make it happen. During the time of the make over, I have to have some place to keep my inventory available to my customers, so I am putting it up on ArtFire. This way I don't have to manually put each piece back onto my site. I can just copy and paste and I am done.

"Geezopete Tish, where are you going with this!!!"

Yeah, yeah.

Yesterday while I was putting up new items, I noticed this:

See that little shopping cart icon? I couldn't figgure out what that was. I did a mouse over and the info box told me - IT WAS IN SOMEONES CART!!! I scrolled thru all the pages and there were five little carts. Someone was doing some shopping! I got so excited I squealed.

It is part of sticky cart. If you have sticky cart active then if someone does add an item to thier cart noone else will be able to buy it for 30 mins from when they first added it. They will be able to add the item to thier cart but there will be a message saying that the item is 'stuck' in someone elses cart.

After the 30 mins the item will leave the first cart if it is not purchased and someone else will be able to buy it.

How cool is that!!

Then there is the Global Editing feature - well, that is another entry and another cup of coffee!

Thanks ArtFire for having the best site for vendors and shoppers! It is a great community with super support.

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