Friday, November 6, 2009

Carnelian and vintage lucite, with a dash of pearls, Recipie for a fun holiday necklace

It's Thanksgiving, you just bought a new sweater to wear to Aunt Sarahs for dinner and you want a new necklace to go with it.

That is what was running through my head as I was making this piece. I got caught up in the memories of watching my mom when I was little, getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner with family and wearing her new outfit and fussing about her appearance. It was important to her, and to her family to be their best on the holidays. Family would come in from all over the country for a long weekend of catching up, eating, sleeping, eating again and facing the Black Friday crowds at the local department stores to kick off the holiday shopping.

Loaded with fall colors, warm and inviting, the carnelian rectangles definitely make me hungry. They look sweet, like butterscotch candies, or pumpkin pie.

Your shopping list:
Carnelian rectangles - Sedona Stones
Vintage lucite Dark Rust Moonglow Heishi Rondells 4 x 8mm - Beadin Path
Citrine coins - Sedona Stones
Vintage lucite Cube Beads 10mm Smoky Quartz - Beadin Path
22-gauge Copper wire - Rings & Things
Fresh water pearls - Sedona Stones
Faceted red agate - Sedona Stones

Wrap seven carnelian rectangles with the copper wire.
Add copper links with vintage lucite beads - set aside.

String a pattern of pearls, vintage lucite, citrine and red agate and work into the design.
Add a clasp

Polish off the fingerprints (this step I forgot)
Wear with a smile.

Perfect recipe for a great holiday necklace


  1. - Mmm, got any leftovers? ;)

    at Rings & Things

  2. hmm, with the green pearls, burnt sienna, a touch of warm honey in the citrine...what a great fall palette combo! It's a fabulous necklace (as usual!)