Sunday, November 1, 2009

Intergalactic Bead Show - A Grain of Sand

I went to the Intergalactic Bead Show in Durham yesterday to pick up a few things I am needing for an order and to meet one certain Tweeter I have had the privilege to follow.

I stopped by A Grain of Sand and looked at all the wonderful components Ms. Suzanne had displayed on her tables. What fun. Vintage buttons, pearls, clasps, beads, - Sterling findings, Swarovski, swarovski swarovski - so much to look at.

I said hello and that I was a fan of hers on Twitter, and she immediately said - You are Tish!

I asked about her grandbaby and she proudly showed me pictures. I would too, that baby is pretty.

I had a couple of questions about some items I was looking for and she gave me the grand tour. I wanted it all. I was so intrigued with the vintage clasps, I will have to poke around her online store some more. While I was there I found some fun things that I could not live without.

I can't imagine having the amount of inventory she does and choosing what would be the best representation of her jewelry supply business. How do you not bring it all!

I wanted a picture for my blog and it just wasn't happening with my phone, so she was offered to have her husband take a picture with her phone and email them to me .

Meet Suzanne Branca of A Grain of Sand, stop by and say hello!

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