Saturday, November 7, 2009

Geez O Pete Rings & Things!!!!

I picked up the mail today, and there was a bulky envelope in the mail box. I looked at the return address and saw it was from Rings & Things!

I did a dance at the street and skipped back to the house. The envelope was packed full. I couldn't imagine what they had stuffed in there.

Why do I get so excited? Being one of Rings & Things blog partners, each month or so I get a package of goodies sent as a promotion. Dave and the staff pick random items and send them to the blog partners for our review, and it helps promote new items. There is no pay, only the joy of having a new challenge each month, which is more than enough. There are times we pick our own components that we want to work with, but for the most part they are a surprise each month. They are not stingy with their choices either. I personally enjoy the surprise. It is amazing how these packages give my creativity a jump start.

Look what I got this month!

Starting at the Noon O'clock position and working clockwise finishing in the center.
40-099-24-7 - Chain, Footage, Oval Curb, 10.5mm (Antiqued Copper Plated)
40-099-38-7 - Chain, Footage, Robe-Textured Curb (Antiqued Copper Plated)
55-000-02 - Idea-ology, Corners, Antiqued Metal - Tim Holtz collection ( i love his stuff, have used it before)
55-000-09 - Idea-ology, Muse Tokens (Antiqued Metals) - Tim Holtz collection
55-000-04 - Idea-ology, Swivel Clasps (Antiqued Metals) - I have some of these, I use for keychains
29-610-01 - Wood Chain, Disk and Loop (Ebony) - This makes my heart happy!!!
55-000-05 - Idea-ology, Ornate Plates (Antiqued Metals) - I have BIG plans for this one!
55-000-03 - Idea-ology, Game Spinners (Antiqued Metals)

That first batch has me stupid with excitement.

Here is the second half - Christmas.

Starting at 1 o'clock and moving clockwise.
28-333-59 - Christmas Tree Glass Bead (Limited Stock)(Green/Red/White)
28-333-74 - Round Snowman Head Glass Bead (Limited Stock) (White)
28-333-67-211 - Christmas Teddy Bear Glass Bead (Limited Stock)(Brown)
28-333-73 - Christmas Penguin Glass Bead (Limited Stock)(Black/White)
28-333-67-211 - Gingerbread Man Glass Bead (Limited Stock)(Red)
28-333-69 - Christmas Stocking Glass Bead (Limited Stock)(Green/Red)

Now this guy I kept out separate.

56-999-05-042 - Octagon Glass Bottle (Clear) - I kept it out separate because I need a place to keep my wishes. The bail is the stopper of the bottle and unscrews to allow you to put anything in there. Genius!!

W is for Wonderful!!!!

Thanks Rings & Things!!!! Dave you out did yourself this time!!!