Sunday, November 22, 2009

Last mintue challenge! Are you up for it?!?!

I stopped by Dawno's blog as I always do on Sundays to see where her wanderings in the "blog-o-sphere" has taken her, and found a link to Silver Parrots blog.

Silver Parrot is doing a color challenge on her blog. She has posted several pictures and is challenging you to create a bracelet based on the pictures she has posted.

Here's the kicker - It has to be finished and posted by 5 pm Pacific today! I just looked at the clock, I am three hours behind, and it is 4 pm here - I have four hours to do this, and I think I will!

I posted this blog before it was finished with the pictures of my bracelet, in hopes to catch any of my east coast readers who may still have time to visit the blog and create something for the challenge. I'll edit the post in a bit with my entry.

It is a lazy misty Sunday afternoon here, this is just the perfect activity to keep me occupied :)

Good luck!!

Edit -


Okies, here is my cap-eh-tiller (that is what i use to call them when i was little)

I chose this little guy because I have always had an attraction to them. Mebbe it is the transformation they go thru, as I am always reinventing myself, or mebbe it is brilliance of color they wear during their life that makes them so special to me. Never be afraid of color :)

I put it on black leather to be the base of all the colors, so the orange, blue and green would pop. I put them on as charms so there would be movement, like the cap-eh-tillers move along the branches.


  1. I love the caterpillar bracelets! I wish I had seen your posting about the contest a little earlier! Good luck!

  2. Excuse me*


  3. Great caterpillar...what a fun contest!!!

  4. Caterpiller.. you're sooooo cute!.. I love you.. all the best to your contest!