Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Celebrating sping - Beadin Path Design Partner

*blink* *blink* Celebrating spring? whaa???

I can't help myself.

Here in NC it isn't so bad in the fall. It is pretty temperate all year actually. The problem lies in my mind - there I said it.

In my mind November is cold, frost on the pumpkin, crops comin in out of the fields, sweaters, blazing fire places, dark mornings, and gaining 15 lbs.

I am already projecting myself into April's cool moist mornings, fragrant with freshly tilled earth and early blooming flowers. That is the inspiration or mebbe even the desperation that channeled this bracelet.

Close your eyes and think of spring and the grass that is trying to grow. Clumps, spotty through the yard, with tiny violas, jonquils and crocus' pushing their way up. I am there, barefoot, wiggling my toes in the cool morning grass.

I used the LUC4525OR Vintage Lucite Tangerine Moonglow - 7mm rounds from Beadin Path as one of the strands.

Pink fresh water pearls or the second strand.
Lampwork, crackle quartz and opalite for the third strand

Give them a good mingle.

Three strands for a bulky sunshiney spring time celebration bracelet.
I'm ready.


  1. Like I said on Twitter - Delightful! Why wait for Spring? :-)

  2. This one brought tears to my eyes, i truly LOVE, LOVE it. Wow!It's special!