Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Revisitng Old Designs - Finding New Meaning

Strolling down memory lane thru the photo albums on my Facebook page, I found a bunch of old earring designs that were simple statements, and really nice. I had moved away from that style and many others in my quest for the perfect design, and find it funny that when I revisit them, I am amazed at what I had done in my infant stages of creativity and really wonder why I left it.

So I decided to use my own designs as inspiration and made a few new pairs. 

These are just simple copper loops, hammered at the bottom of the loop to create stability and offer texture. 
Copper Loop Earrings with Magnesite for Calming at Just A Tish Designs on Etsy
Then add one bead as an accent. Maybe add spacers or crystals to help it talk a bit louder.

Copper Loop Earrings with Turquoise for Friendship at Just A Tish Designs on Etsy
Yes I said talk, that is what my jewelry does, it talks. It speaks to the soul thru the energies of the stones.

Copper Loop Earrings with Amethyst for Peace at Just A Tish Designs on Etys

My jewelry speaks of love and hope, kindness and peace. All things that are needed in our day to day lives, but may get lost due to job or life stress. My jewelry is a little reminder that it is ok, there is hope, someone does love you and it is possible to find peace.