Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rings & Things blogger challenge - Hammered Oval Cable (Gunmetal)

This was another one that fell in my lap. I had been thinking about the cable chain in the blogger challenge pack from Rings & Things for a while, wanting to incorporate it into a piece and make it work as part of the focal.

*think* *think*

I was a bit mixed about the chain, not due to the quality or the design, was very lovely in that respect. I was mixed because the links were closed. So to remove a link, say to make a matching pair of earrings, I was forced to damage 2 links in the process. If I had not wanted to make the earrings, then I would have been set :) Just a bit fickle sometimes.

I removed two links and set aside for earrings, and then thought about what can I do with the now opened links.

*think* *think*

Oh, Ok, I know - I will scrub the finish off of them - they flake if bent too much, and make earrings from these too......more to come on this one....

Ok back to the project. Now I have my chain links and what am I going to do with them.
Grabbed some fun warm colors to incorporate, and let the fun begin.

Here is what happened with morning while drinking coffee and listening to Andreas Vollenweider

And the earrings to go with them

and i am wearing it today :)


  1. Great use of the chain! Glad you have your internet back!

  2. In a mellow tone...nice embellishments, Tish. Should be really interesting to see how you treat the 2 links set aside for earrings!


  3. ARGH!! What happened to my pictures!!??!!?!

  4. I just love this! Great combination of beads and the smaller link chain works perfectly!! You are GOOD!