Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Trying to keep it together

I have been up since 3:30 pacing with Newd. He has been restless all nite and has a more pronounced limp than usual. I did take him on his first walk yesterday and he may just be sore. He has been kenneled for nearly two weeks now and I am starting to add more exercise back into his routine.

I microwaved towels and made him a heating pad and he settled in for a while.

Now I am pacing. I have an interview in a few hours for the Associate Producer position. A great move up into the company from where I am, and good solid career move. I am nervous. I am always at a loss for words, have a tendency to make jokes and act a clown when I am nervous, and I can't do that today. I have to be on target and give them what they are looking for.

*think* *think*

I need to channel this energy into something, something positive.


I am going to give you an inside look at my creative process. How my pieces go together and how my thought processes work when designing a piece.

I grab my books and begin to do some looking - I have it! I am making a new necklace to wear to the interview. I necklace charged with positive energy, creativity, organization, and communication. Just what I need to get me thru the day. I chose moonstone, labradorite, quartz, blue lace agate, jasper, rutilated quartz, and carnelian for my base stones. The bulk of the design in seed beads,crystals, some chain and a few buttons for focals.

I chose -
moonstone, blue lace agate, labradorite and quartz for communication.
jasper for organization.
rutilated quartz and carnelian for creativity.
The buttons are a representation of me.
The chain is to show how each link is needed for the fluidity of the movement. Just like a team has to depend on each other for the outcome.

I was going to document the process but I chose to go with my 'tantrum' style necklace, and it is difficult to do. I chose the tantrum because order has to come from chaos in the position I am applying for. What I can show you is one of the draw backs to making this style of necklace and how you can fix it with no one the wiser.

During the beading of the 'tantrum' you weave the tail of the beading wire in and out of beads randomly. You have to keep the beading wire taunt during the process or you will have gaps in your beads after you anchor it like this -

What do you do? it is a pain to take the crimps off , pull in the slack, and set a new crimp - most times, I end up snipping the cover of the beading wire and have a fray. Not good.

So for a random tantrum style necklace like this, all you can do is go with it. You can create a coil. For this necklace I created a coil in copper, bout the same size as the 'slack'

Once the coil is made - 'screw' it onto the beading wire

Close up of the coil

And the finished product -

Keeping my Thoughts


  1. Fabulous!

    I hope everything went well at the interview, having a necklace "charged with positive energy, creativity, organization, and communication" sounds like the perfect set up, too!

  2. Oh my gosh, how did you keep it together to get this done along with worrying!!?? Keep us posted!!

  3. I love your web site. It gives off sooo much energy , all good of course.