Thursday, May 14, 2009

New life to old pieces - Thursday quickie

I bought a Darice bucket o' seed beads from Michaels, with 5 little containers and each container having 5 compartments each with a different color. Tucked in the bucket are some basic tools, stringing wire, and an assortment of boldly colored plastic beads.

*think* *think*

I am 'getting over myself' so to speak and the way I look at the 'ingredients' I use to make my pieces. Why have I been snubbing my nose at some of the most basic, but also some of the most promising beads/supplies because they are not 'sterling' or 'gemstone'.

*kicks self in pants*

So in light of this, I am looking at these fun and colorful plasticy bits and wanted to play with them. I had a barette I have been holding onto forever thinking i was going to embelish it, and that is exactly what I did.

Dont look at my nails - every so often I go into denial and think I can paint my nails and that beading will not wreck the finish..................right.....

This is the assortment of beads, along with some 26 ga basic wire and the barette.

My initial choices to begin the narrowing down process.

Do several wraps on the end of the barret to secure the wire.

Slide on the bead and then do several more wraps on the links of the barette to secure the bead in place.

Honestly, it is as simple as that!

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