Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What is This in The Mail From Rings & Things?

Last week I got the most awesome surprise in my mail box. A package from Rings & Things! Rings & Things sent me a sample pack of their new web exclusive raw brass blanks. All sizes and shapes!

*blink* *blink*

What brought this on?  I am THRILLED!!!

Not too long ago, I used to work closely with Rings & Things, and review products for them. It was a fun trade off. They would send me a surprise pack of goodies, and I would in return write about each product. It was a win win!Several of my creations, inspired by the goodie bags from Rings & Things, were published in Bead Trends Magazine (which is sadly no more). I got exposure, and Rings & Things got free advertising, because I listed them as my material source. It was so much fun.

It looks like Rings & Things may be starting up their blogger program again. In the letter, Anne says "We want to work closer with designers, getting products to you that will hopefully get you exposure in beading magazines........"

Stay tuned! More posts coming to show off these cool brass blanks and the glorious creations that come from these Rings & Things inspirations.

It is on kids - on like Donkey Kong. 

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