Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Stone of the week - Larimar

I was fortunate enough to go to St. Thomas several years ago and was introduced to Larimar. A beautiful stone found only in the Caribbean islands area.

Larimar is a pectolite, which is found all over the world, but the beautiful blue color of larimar is only found in the Caribbean.

Initially found in the early 1900's but was not mined until rediscovered again in the early 1970's by Miguel Mendez and Norman Rilling, a peace corp volunteer, on the beach. Miguel named the stone after his daughter Larissa and the Sanish word 'mar' for sea. Soon after the Los Chupaderos mine was formed.

it is a beautiful stone and i can get lost in it.

Where can you get yours? Here are a few sites online that sell the beads or the finished jewelry.

A Grain of Sand

Pizazz Beads

Kim's Jewels

Emin Jewelry


  1. I'm not familar with this stone and will need to learn's gorgeous! It looks like the ocean from the air.

  2. i fell in love with it immediately. i have a few small slabs of it i have put away. i can't wait to get my grinder and make some cabs with it.

  3. I absolutely love Larimar...I've seen Larimar finished jewelry but not stone themselves...I checked out the links you posted...unfortunately for the most part the stones are a little too pricey, besides I've found most of my customers don't seem to gravitate to blues unless it is turquoise ...but... I could purchase some to make myself that is an idea!!!


  4. Yes, it is expensive...but your idea is the grandest I have heard in a while!

  5. Very beautiful jewelry! I'm challenging you in my blog with "Recognition", please check