Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Beadin Path Design Partner - What a haul!!!

What a thrill I had yesterday when I got home from work and found a package in my mail box from Beadin Path! Heather at Beadin Path had given me a heads up there was a package in the mail, but I did not expect this! Imagine my surprise to find so much stuffed into that padded envelope. A squeal escaped me as I dumped them onto the table, and I will admit, I slobbered a little in my glee.

Beadin Path is so generous to their Design Partners and for that I am forever grateful. The vintage lucite beads are too much fun. You can go crazy with big bulky designs and not have to worry about the weight. The textures, colors and patterns of the beads are so much fun to combine in a piece, it allows you to work outside your creative comfort zone and find new ways to express yourself.

There were no inventory tags on these strands and I had to go to the site to poke around (hurt my feelings!) and find out what each one was.

Vintage Lucite beads - going from left to right:
LUC4274BR Matte Dark Bark Tube beads, 6 x 26 mm
LUC2185BR Cube Beads 10mm Smoky Quartz
LUC2485OR Dark Rust Moonglow Heishi Rondells 4 x 8mm

LUC4830OR Light Orange Marbled Rice 12 x 22 mm ( I love these!)
LUC461YL Opaque Jonquil Round 8 mm
LUC4458YL Pale Jonquil Round beads 16mm

Twist Tube Beads 10 x 12mm Orange Moonglow
LUC4869OR Transparent Hyacinth Barrel Bead 12 x 14 mm
LUC4759RD Marbled Red w/ White Rounds 12mm (my favorite ones)

LUC2503OR Side Drilled Button Round Beads 11mm Transparent Orange
LUC4640RD German Lucite Matte Garnet Flower Pendant 28mm
LUC3900RD German Lucite Matte Deep Red 3-Petal Flowers 39mm

Now that you know where to find them, go and see for yourself how much fun it is to work with vintage lucite!!


  1. So jealous!! Looks like some wonderful stuff. I super love those smokey quartz cube beads!! Can't wait to see what you make.

  2. You ARE lucky! I kept scrolling down, saying to myself...,wow, wooh, wow....those are some beautiful beads! I hope you will post what you create with this loot!