Thursday, October 22, 2009

Finding a Surprise - Beadin Path Design Partner

Still organizing my work room, little by little. I don't get to far, when I find something awesome I had forgot about and have to sit down and play with it.

This day was no different. I was going thru my show kit, and on a whim, hit the zippered pockets. Much to my surprise, I found a ziplock full of these little guys -

Oh wow, I remember buying them off Ebay several years ago. What am I gonna do with all these pendants? My eyes drifted toward the bag of goodies I just received from Heather at Beadin Path and those big lovely jonquil lucite beads caught my eye.

The wheels began to turn.

I picked up the tiger eye pendant, grabbed some tiger eye chips I had, and snatched up the 8mm and the 16mm jonquil lucite beads. (I'll organzie later, this is much to important!) I sat at my work table and began to push some ideas around. This just wasn't enuff. There was something missing. What can I add to it to give it a splash of color?

*think* *think*

African Opal!! Beautiful blues, like the Caribean, with brown inclusions that accent the color of the tiger eye. Topped it off with swarovski crystals and a few sterling barrels. Brilliant!!

I love this piece. I wanted it to look like the wearer was bold enough to put two necklaces together, when in all actuality, it is a double strand necklace. I may redo it, so it can be worn together or as separates.

Sand & Sea

Thanks Heather for sending out such great beads!!!

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  1. ...and the gorgeous just keeps coming! Those big Lucite beads are so cool, and the way you've incorporated all the other stones and crystals - just wow!