Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ode to a pair of side nippers

Oh side nippers how I love you.
You have been there for me for so long.
Your handles fit my hand, like you were made for me.
You are forever diligent in your consistency to please and perform.

For so long we have worked together, creating the designs that set us apart.
Your cuts are so smooth, so precise, never needing to do any trimming.

You never once balked at the challenges I set forth for you to nip -
Toe nails
Removing stitches from surgery
Seam ripping
Opening packages
Ribbons and thread
Cardboard and paper

But never - never memory wire. I know you would try, but I love you too much to ask that of you.

And now my beloved side nippers, it is time for you to retire. Time for you to go to that quiet place we call the junk drawer.

Full of memories I am of you, and I will carry them fondly where ever I go.

You will be missed...... *sniff*


  1. Love this post! Funny how we can get attached to certain tools and have our favorites...I've made the memory wire mistake...@#$!! Have a good day!

  2. LOL I love my nippers too (though haven't written an ode to them yet)! Mine are still going strong and hope to keep the relationship going for a long time still. Sorry to hear yours have been retired. Must have clipped just one too many toenails with them! :-P