Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Little bit about lapis

Octobers twilight is so crisp, and unhindered by summer's humidity and haze that the color reminds me of lapis. Deep blues surrendering to the peaceful deep purples of nights warm blanket. I love the variety of blues that lapis provides. Some of them seem unnatural they are so blue. I have added a few tidbits of information I have found about lapis and added links to suppliers where you can get your own!

Lapis or Lapis Lazuli has been a favorite for eons used for amulets, seals, to decorate crowns and shields.

Lapis was the first stone to be worn as jewelry.

Lapis was ground into a powder and mixed with binding agents to produce paint, known as ultramarine. The color was so brilliant it wasn't until 1834 that a synthetic color was produced that could be used as a substitute for ultramarine. Powdered lapis is still used when restoring the masters paintings.

Lapis is the stone of friendship and truth.

Where can you find lapis for your next project?

Rings & Things

Puffed Oval Gemstone, 10x14mm (Lapis Lazuli)

Art Beads

4mm Lapis Lazuli Rounds

Sedona Stones

Lapis nuggets approx. 8-9mm 15-16 inch #gem010

Beadin Path

Lapis Lazuli Puff Rectangle Dark Quality w/Ore 18x30mm Beads 16" strand

Aunties Beads

Lapis Faceted Puffed Oval, 25 x 35mm

What will you make with yours?


  1. Oooh, as you well know, lapis is my favorite! Beautiful stuff!

  2. I like much lapis, it's beautiful blue. There's a jewelry contest "True colors", Lapis would definetely be excellent choise, color as in Finnish flag :-)
    Thank you for visiting my blog and nice comments that you left. You can find it in English too (GoldLily), maybe that's easier to read than blog in Finnish :-)

  3. Beautiful pieces with one of my favorite stones! Very interesting facts...friendship and truth, no wonder I love Lapis!