Sunday, October 25, 2009

Oh those pesky pendants

A few days ago while organizing my work room, I ran across these pendants.

Working with a pre-made pendant is a real challenge for me. I can't seem to always work them into a design without them being a glaring distraction from the whole piece. I dont' want to just put a pendant on a chain or a thong either. What fun is that. Then the thought hit me - use that chain or leather thong, but do it a bit differently. I used three pieces of leather and some big hole sterling barrels. Slid the barrels onto the leather, gave em a bit of a mash to hold them in place and WOW.

Simple, to the point and makes a statement all it's own.

What would you do with those pesky pendants???


  1. By the way, those 4 pointed green ones are really something!! I'd love to see what you create with those! You know I'm a huge fan of that rings and things choker you did, could you do something like that with the green pendant? :)

  2. Okay, I apologize for not being able to form all my thoughts into one blog comment...:)

    Just wanted to say your piece over at artbeads looks so great, left a comment over there last week, but things just sort of merge into the next, I completely forgot to come over here and mention how cool I thought that was!! :) HAVE A GREAT WEEK!