Wednesday, October 7, 2009

October Bead Trends

The October issue of Bead Trends is on the stands. I am thrilled to have two pieces in this months issue.

One is from a Rings & Things blogger challenge from back in April or May. I call it 'Char'd and Chunky'. It is a fun piece, with multi strands. It appears bulky, but don't let the size of the beads fool you, these lava beads are light. I had a lot of fun with this combination - over the top naturally textured lava beads accented with dainty shiney swarovski crystals. You just wouldn't think to put the two together.

The other piece is a fun whimsical piece I call Patsy's Candy. I was in Illinois visiting my daughter when I found the focal for this piece. We went to tons of little shops on the main street of her town looking for treasures. These little glass candies bring back so many memories for me as a kid. I remember my mom having a bowl of glass candies. I use to love them. I loved them so much, that many years later I started my own collection of these glass goodies. I thought it would be fun to showcase the candy as the focal on a necklace. I wanted to keep it young/hip.

Do you have designs that are fun and trendy? Why not submit them to Bead Trends. They accept submissions monthly and have the categories listed on their site. Go today!!

Bead Trends Magazine Submission Categories


  1. Finally had a chance to look through the Oct Bead Trends digital issue- congrats on having your pieces included! Their photography is just spectacular, it really shows off how lovely the pieces are :)

  2. - Wow, 2 pieces in the same issue! Good going, Tish! I wish I had a bowl full of glass candy to give out so I'm not ruining kids' teeth... :)


  3. These are absolutely gorgeous! I just couldn't get my eyes off these photos... :-)