Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September birthstone - Sapphire and alternates.

Traditionally sapphire is the September birthstone but did you know jasper and moonstone are alternate birthstones for this month?

With this selection there is sure to be a style or design to please even the pickiest of persons. I did a wander around a few sites and found not so traditional settings for sapphire. Beautiful and unique, just like the person who deserves to wear it. Why buy a mass produced setting, that looks just like everyone else, when you can buy a hand crafted original work of art? Don't forget jasper and moonstone. They are just as beautiful and should not be discounted because the are not in precious category.

When I saw jasper was in the list I did a little squeal. I love jasper. I love the variety jasper has. This stone runs the gambit of all colors. From your classic red jasper to the beautiful warm multi-colors of mookite, and into the mottled greens and browns of ocean jasper. How you can pick one variety of jasper as a favorite, is beyond me. I love them all!

I have included a smattering of great designs, including a couple of my own, being that jasper was on the list. I hope you enjoy them, and that this is an introduction to a new artist you will decide to follow to find out what else they are doing.

Happy birthday September babies!

Sapphire ring - masaoms at etsy.com

sapphire earrings - NicoleLincoln at etsy.com

Sapphire ring - Leahjewelry.com

moonstone pendant - girlseattle at artfire.com

moonstone pendant - shellamie at etsy.com

moonstone earrings - adorned7 at etsy.com

jasper earrings - libragear at artfire.com

jasper bracelet - Just A Tish at justatish.com

Jasper necklace - JustATish at justatish.com

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