Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rings & Things September Blogger Challenge - Faceted Fans

I wanted to make something with the package of faceted fans I had received from Rings & Things. The package was a mixed gemstone strand. Jasper, agate, aventurine, sodalite, quartz were all in that beautiful bounty on a string. This morning I set to work, and work I did!

I separated out the gemstones, one group was of blacks, whites, neturals, the other was more of a fall mixture. That is what I will show you first. I used the fans and what supplies I had on hand. I have listed similar items that can be found at Rings & Things.

Bead, Gemstone, 10x10mm Faceted Fan (Mixed Stone)

Chain, Footage, Flattened Long & Short, 3.4mm (Antiqued Copper Plated)

Clasp, Toggle, Cast, Fancy (Antiqued Bronze)

Head Pin, 2", Standard (Antiqued Brass)

Jump Ring, Round, 5mm (Antiqued Copper Plated)

I used three 7" links of chain

Played around with the layout

One way to remember where you want your beads to be, is attach a jump ring to the link of the chain as a marker.

Now that I know where my beads will go, I will put the fans on a head pin. A head pin? I hear you say, well of course. Most of the faceted fans I see are wrapped at the top, I wanted to mix it up a bit, and put the fans, sideways on a head pin. Thinking on a slant today.

Slide the bead onto a head pin. Use your chain nosed pliers and hold the head pin, keeping the pliers flush with the bead. Bend the wire to a 45 degree angle.

Bend the wire around the end of the pliers to start the loop.

There are two ways you can attach the wire wrapped fan to the chain. Thread the end of the wire thru the chain link you want to attach the fan too, and then finish the wrap

Or - make a wire wrapped looped with each of the fans, and then open the link of the chain and slide on the wire wrapped bead. This is my preference.

I love this chain just for that reason. Being able to separate the links minimizes any mistakes.

I used a jump ring to bring all the ends together and to attach it to the toggle.

As an after thought, I also added jump rings to the chain. It gives it a fun mechanical feel and adds more movement to the piece. I added them randomly, every 4 to 6 link of chain or so. With a cost of just under .02 cents each, why not play with them!

Don't condemn your findings to a utilitarian existence! Let them be part of the design as well. There are no rules to designing, only that you have fun doing it.

Speaking of findings, I put the toggle in the front of this necklace and attached the fans to it. I let the toggle be the focal and accented it with the beads.

I used eye pins for the wrap. The eye pins are a ready made loop. Attached jump rings to the toggle and the eye pin to the jump ring allowing the charms to move freely.

Then I did a more traditional style necklace using the faceted fans and triple chain.

There ya have it, a busy mornings work showcasing faceted fan gemstones from Rings & Things!


  1. That is an unconventional way to wire wrap those stones, giving the piece an unexpected feel of movement....I like it! I DO love the use of the clasp as a focal point on your second necklace! You had a good day!

  2. SO COOL!! You have great ideas!! I am always inspired by your work!!

  3. Toggle in front = SUCCESS :) I love this idea, and will be talking it up to all comers!