Thursday, September 17, 2009

Consignment and special order necklaces

I have been passing myself this week, I am so busy. Busy at work and busy with special orders and consignment pieces.

I am feeling a bit guilty being so busy and not getting to the final part of my Rings & Things Sept. blogger challenge - I will, this weekend, I promise.

Here is what I have gotten done so far.

Magnesite, citrine and sterling. I wish this was my piece. I would submit this to Bead Trends for the March 2010 issue. Want to submit your pieces? Click Here.

This one, is also made of the magnesite, and I did the mixing metal no-no. I mixed sterling and copper in the same piece!! I am such a rebel! I honestly dont' know why you don't see more of the mixed metals. They compliment each other so well.

This is part of my Frida collection that will be carried at a local store. Dyed crazy lace agate and wood beads with a Blue Moon - Global Nomad base metal focal. I added the metal bells from Rings & Things and a red jasper focal

I like this one too - this is also part of my Frida collection. This is cinnabar beads with black and gold crackle fininshed beads. This is the Blue Moon - Global Nomad focal, of which I added faceted tear drop Czech crystals from Rings & Things and faceted citrine roundells from Sedona Stones.

Off to do more work. Next two weeks is gonna be busy!


  1. Ohhh I like the Frida-inspired stuff. Verrry nice. You will not have those for very long, i'm guessing

  2. I'm speechless! when you get busy you really get BUSY!! Can I have some of your energy? :)

  3. Oh so snazzy, Tish, this Frida stuff will fly!


  4. Thank you, you two for the support! I am getting such a great response from this line. We'll see how it goes.