Friday, September 18, 2009

Flower inspiration and Art Beads

I am needing some inspiration lately. So I took some of my own advice and found an image that inspires me and will create a new necklace around that.

I love the multi layered necklaces, as everyone knows. This month one of the Bead Trends categories for the March 2010 call is multi layer necklaces. Oh Joy!! (The are taking submissions till Sept 25th!) It got me to thinking. I wanted to challenge myself to make a multi layered necklace that was dual season, March and Sept - but how.

Traditionally fall colors are warm and rich, and spring colors can range from pastels to bright, so how can I make a piece that will reflect both.

I did a google search for fall flowers and found this:

Just lovely. I have no idea what it is, in the mum family possibly. Look at the colors. So rich and warm, perfect for fall, and the bright pinks and yellows scream of spring. This is what I used to get my inspiration. Off to Art Beads I went.

I love the "My Favorites" option that is available while you shop. I remember so many times jotting down item numbers on a pad of paper as I shopped so not to forget which items I needed, or more likely, wanted :)

So I shopped and began to add things to "My Favorites", then went back in and narrowed it down and this is my final pick.

Green Spider Jasper Cubes

Topas 8 mm Glass Druk Bead

Rainbow Carnelian Squares - oh how I love these!!!

19mm Resin Roundelle - Lavender

19mm Resin Roundelle - Salmon - These are beautiful!!

Donut Rust Ripple - I love the pendant selection at Art Beads!

Small Light Purple Dream Hand Painted Scroll - Just a little message in the necklace to remind you to never stop dreaming.

What is on you favorites list???


  1. Perfect selection of components that really match your inspiration which really look like zinnias to me...I would love to see how you pull it all together! Bet I'll see it in Bead Trends...