Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's like christmas! Great things in my mail box!

Like a double whammy, but in a good way - I go to my mailbox and there I have not only my selections for the Sept. Rings & Things blogger challenge, but I have the necklace that I ordered from Dawno.

I squealed and danced in the street in front of my mailbox when I saw this wonderful double bounty.

Here is what came from Rings & Things -

4- Sterling silver rope design "S" clasps.
1 - Strand of 10 x 10 faceted fan beads - multistone.
1 - Sterling silver leaf face charm
1 - Sterling silver key charm
1 - 100 ct. India dancing bells
1 - Ocean jasper T-Drop pendant
1 - Moss agate T-Drop pendant

I grossly misjudged the size of the pendants, but I am not disappointed at all - They are Beautiful!! I can't wait to work with them. The faceted fans are brilliant. The bells made my heart happy - so many uses for this little gems. I had the design in my head when I ordered the pieces. Now all I have to do is sit down and build them. I will get started tonite.

Dawno had blogged about a necklace she made a month or so back. I fell in love with the hand made pendant and the necklace design. I began to pester her, asking when will I be seeing it on her ArtFire store so I can buy it. Come to find out - she had made it, and intended to keep it for herslelf. :( Dawno was so gracious as to order a focal pendant and create another one for me!

I love this necklace. It is fun and bright, and honestly will go with anything. I dont' want to limit it to just spring and summer wear. It is so lovely and the beautiful spring flowers are sure to lighten any winter duldrum!

Dawno was kind enuff to share with me where she got all the componets to make the necklace so I can share them with you.

The pendant is a beautiful. It is a Patti Stoll creation.

The blue beads are vintage Lucite - Sapphire moonglow rice ovals 9x15mm, from The Beadin' Path and the opaque yellow glass are 6mm Czech Druk beads from Fire Mountain Gems.

Now look at this craftsmanship - brilliant, sturdy, and beautiful! What a combination.

The scrimps are from Rings & Things. They cost a bit more, but are worth the investment. They add a polished touch to the design, very professional. The benefit to the scrimp is if the design needs to be re worked, you do not damage the beading wire by removing them. Just a turn of a little screw and you can do what you need to re work or even repair the piece. Not like crimp tubes, which require being cut off just so, as to not ruin the coating on the beading wire and cause fraying.

Now look at the Wire Guardians - cable thimbles. This keeps the beading wire safe from fray and crimping by threading the wire thru the 'stay' and then around the jump ring or the connector ring to the clasp. It prevents the wire from mashing or the protective coating from being damaged and causing the wire to fray. That can be uncomfortable and prickly!

And of course I am wearing it :)


  1. Great necklace -- how fun! Enjoy those enormo pendants, just use some strong darn cord :)


  2. that necklace from dawno definatley suits you