Friday, September 25, 2009

Struggling with an idea - Attempt 1

Before I get into today's post, I wanted to make an update to yesterday's beading contests for 2010 entry. I got an email from Diann Gilbertson of Firemountain Gems letting me know that their contests have expanded to six times a year!! Diann says, "We just closed the CRYSTALLIZED- Swarovski ElementsContest and received some beautiful designs. Our next contest is Art Clay,Wire Work, Metal Beads and Chains- deadline January 12, 2010."

So get your thinkin' caps on kids and get those creatives juices flowing!


Here is my collection I got at I based this selection on the picture of this gore-juss flower. I used the picture as a guide for the colors, and I also wanted the necklace to have a floral feel, and I wanted it to flow. Now let's mix it up some, I wanted it bulky, and I wanted it to move. Like when breezes blow, and the whole plant, leaves and bloom sway and dance.

It is in my head, I can see it, but my fingers can't feel it. Yesterday was attempt 1. I am not happy with the way it turned out, and I will most likely re purpose it this weekend. Just because I don't like it, doesn't mean that I shouldn't share it. To grow as an artist, you need feedback - good or bad from your peers and mentors. That being sed - here is what I did:

I played around with a couple different ideas for the way I wanted it to look.

Added some of my findings from my supplies to try for yet again a different look.

Then I thought, "flowers" - I should add wooden beads as well.

First I used copper wire and did a basic wire wrapped loop connecting one bead to the copper loop and the other bead to the copper loop and to the filigree. I did this first so I would have an anchor as I built my strands.

I added a fun and 'sloppy' wrap to the Donut Rust Ripple pendant out of copper wire, to give it a bit of texture.

When I made the wire wrapped loops, I made them larger, because I am attaching three strands to it. I need the room.

Three strands of Green Spider Jasper Cubes later, attached to a brass toggle and 'braided', they are all attached to the filigree link.

Both sides done

I attached the rainbow carnelian squares to the outside links of the filgree and strung the pendant as a center focal.

On the inside links of the filgree I used the 8mm Topaz Druk beads alternating with wood.

It is nice, and long, it may even be pretty, but I see something else in my head.

I am welcome to any suggestions!

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