Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Beadin' Path Studio contest

I will take the walk of shame, but I will hold my head up high!

Heather at Beadin' Path and Dawno hosted a #TweetYourStudio contest. At the last minute I thought what the heck, and I took a picture of my work area. *shakes head* It is a mess, and I know it. I have too much stuff and too little room. At the same time, I know where everything is. If you ask me for anything, remarkably, I can walk right to it. Don't ask me how I do it, I don't know. I also know if anything has been moved or if anything is missing. I have a crafting sense I guess.

I got a tweet last nite, I have won the "Holy Cow! how do you work in that" prize. Heather has graciously offered me a $30.00 gift certificate to Beadin' Path as my prize! Thank you!!!

Drea Carbone-Kubacki won Best Use of Small Space

Jessica Price won Most Organized Studio Space (how do you find anything in that!??!:)

Here is the picture - I have added the numbers to tell you a bit about how I work.

1. That is what I call my mail center. This where I keep my boxes, packing material, tape - things I need when I ship a package.

2. My sewing machine - broke - it is now a catch all for my other crafts that are not jewelry making.

3. That is the cover my husband made for my earring board. The earring board is a shutter that I thread the earring cards thru. The cover keeps the earrings in place when I go to shows.

4.That is the murphy bed that my husband is building - he has taken 16 inches of my studio away from me - that is why it is in such a mess, i dont' have any more room! he thinks the murphy bed will be awesome for guests.......if you stopped by for an overnite visit, would you want to stay in that room????

5.My little work table for soldering and hammering. the coffee cans?? i store the dry mix for my vibrating tumbler in them, and my raw stones that need to be tumbled. I need a wet tumbler for that, but that is another story and another cup of coffee.

6.My other sewing machine - broke - on the floor under that is stacks of folded material, another sewing machine and a surger............i have a problem i think when it comes to sewing machines.

7. stacks of folded material, batting and stuffing - it is also where my cat sleeps when i am working.

8. storage for material - now that i am trying to explain myself, i am discovering i do have a problem.......

9. I store my finished jewelry in baggies in these 2 containers

10. That is my 'show gear' when I do a show, if I have room, I take my supplies with me and craft at the table to pass away the time. It is a great conversation starter and a great way to get ppl into your booth. They want to see what you are doing and it really helps them understand that, yes, you do make all of this by hand. It also allows me to make adjustments on the fly for the customer if it is not the right size, or to make a quickie pair of matching earrings.

11. That is my work table - stacked with with bags of supplies and my tools. That little bitty space right there in the front where my pliers are laying is the space I work in. All my creations happen in a bout a 18 x 5 " space.

There ya have it kids. A little bit more bout me. Thanks again to Heather at Beadin' Path and Dawno for coming up with such a fun idea and great prizes! Now I am off to Beadin' Path to pick out some goodies!


  1. Your work space makes perfect sense to me! If you walked me in there and asked to me find something, I bet I could do it in less than two tries. Put me in the most organized studio space and ask me to do the same, and I'd be empty-handed for a very long time. Congrats on winning a prize for your "crafting sense!"

  2. i am more proud than words can say