Saturday, September 26, 2009

Beadin' Path Design Partner

Heather from Beadin' Path asked me if I would like to be one of their design partners. I squealed and danced and calmly sed


I got my first set of beads for review in the mail and I am stupid with excitement. The beads are a mix of beautiful fall colors, great shapes and awesome finishes.

Well see for yourself!

This is a stunning group of vintage lucite beads.
The red one on my wrist - LUC4759RD - I am gonna be hard pressed to unstring them. I love it as is for a bracelet. Oh the decisions!

Let me break down what I got cuz I know you are itching to get your own - these are truly lovely.

Moving from left to right:

LUC3448GR - Vinage Lucite Dark Green, Black & Green Swirled - 8mm rounds

- Vintage Lucite Tangerine Moonglow Teardrops (i love the name moonglow)

LUC4525OR - Vintage Lucite Tangerine Moonglow - 7mm rounds

LUC4809YL - Vintage Lucite Topaz Quad Cut Cube - 12mm

LUC4759RD - Vintage Italian Lucie Marbled Red w/ White - 12mm rounds

LUC3134YL - Vintage Lucite Mustard Moonglow Side Drilled Round Buttons - 9mm

LUC4725RD - Vintage Lucite Transparent Siam Ovals - 10 x 12mm

LUC646GR - Vintage Lucite Matte Marbled Moss Green - 10 mm rounds

I linked back to the ones I could find on the site, which is not easy, the search options does not work. The categories are broke down by bead type, and color which is brilliant - making searching easier. I can't complain to much about doing a manual search, I got to browse their awesome products and found these!!!

Sea Glass Square Spacer Matte Fire Opal Red 6x10mm approx. 19-23pc.

They look like candy, like those peach flavored gummie candies...I must have them!

After seeing these I am sure you have your own ideas floating around in your head - Stop on over and see the team at Beadin' Path - I know you will find what you are looking for!


  1. How lucky are you?! Hope you show what you make with them sometime soon. Have fun!

  2. mmmmm, vintage!! Those colors are fabulous! I can't wait to see what you make, hurry!! :)

  3. w00t!! I can't wait to see what you do!