Monday, September 21, 2009

I am asking you -

I need a good source for knot tying -

i am getting request after request for elastic bracelets.

I cannot tie a knot to save my life - being the daughter of a sailor, my dad is disappointed.

I have been tying the standard surgeons knot, because I was told it was the most secure for beading, but still no hope. Is it my elastic?

What is a good brand of elastic?

Help me Bead-e-wan - you're my only hope!!!


  1. Boy, I hope someone comes here with the answer...using elastic is great for some things and I have the same issues you do, so I rarely use it. My solution has been to use a drop of bead-fix or other super glue to the knot and then slide it inside a bead until it's stuck. I worry that will eventually make that area too brittle and the whole thing will go 'whoopsie' some day.

  2. I have tried making the knot and then pulling it back into a bead. but i didn't think about the glue.

  3. I don't guarantee it - it's also why I won't sell stretch thread stuff (yet) because I'm just not sure it won't go *kablooie* beadapocolypse all over the floor and cause a mass pratfalling...


    you probably already know about this...

    As far as glue goes, try a glue called Weldbond. it is flexible so I don't think it would present a brittleness problem. it is a super white glue, you would have to dot it on with a toothpick or something.

    Hope that helps.

  5. I use Stretch Magic. I use a square knot (might be same as surgeon) - left over right and then right over left. After I'm done, I dab a bit of special t glue on the knot. It is pliable and non-acidic, making it a perfect match for the stretch product. Super glue can dry a little hard and chunky.

    Good Luck,