Monday, September 28, 2009

Rings & Things September Blogger Challenge

Let me just say - WOW! - to Rings & Things and their gemstone choices. They have one of the best gemstone selections I have seen in an online supplier and their pricing makes shopping easy and painless for any budget.

I put together a necklace using the ocean jasper tip drilled 65 x 45mm tear drop pendant as the focal. This pendant was breath taking it was so beautiful. There were several places on the stone where it did not fully form and left wonderful crystal 'druzy' pockets. I could sit and look at it for hours, the colors, swirls, patterns and textures mesmerize me! This puppy nearly filled my palm it was so huge, and was only $8.00!! How do they do it?

I wanted to make this piece more earthy, fresher, that is why I used the wood beads and strung it on hemp. Something that would not be limited to season, that can be worn anytime but moreso by the person who is not limited by style or fashion. The person who makes their own statement will understand this necklace.

I accented the piece with wooden beads and jade rounds.

Close up of that beautiful focal

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  1. Gorgeous! I do love your work...and I will make a point of visiting Rings & Things!