Thursday, July 9, 2009

Trying something new

I don't know which retail chain I was in when I saw the necklace, all I know is it made me stop in my tracks. It wasn't the most beautiful but it was very interesting. It was earthy and chunky, very casual, but at the same time, I know me, I would wear it to black tie event just cuz I could :) It was beautiful gemstones of greens and browns with tiny copper charms worked in. Glorious!

The cord was knotted between each bead, I am guessing mebbe a silk cord, that looked like tiny rope, that is the best way I can describe it. it looked like it has a nice flow to it, not stiff at all.

So I decided to play around with this look. I really like it. It does justice to summer I think. I didn't have any soft cord, but I did have some hemp.

The hemp although was great to learn with - is scratchy!! OMG! I took it for a test drive, no no no no no, not on bare skin, just saying kids. Am looking for something softer. Also - I have to find new beads. Beads with bigger holes. But that is not a bad thing - new beads :)

Here is the first try - my daughter has laid claim to this one, naturally. It is a heat treated agate focal, with tiger eye, faceted carnelian, copper, and big rutilated quartz puffed ovals. I put tiny heishi cut turquoise in there for a splash of color and a bit of flirt.

I stopped by the LampworkDiva's blog and she has been playing with the bronze metal clay - the PERFECT material for this necklace. Her little charms are awesome!

This next one, I wanted something crazy busy and over the top. I had a box of mixed lampwork beads from Michaels, so I picked out all the beads that had the biggest holes and went to town. I took 6 different lengths of the hemp and knotted the beads randomly on each strand. I can honestly say, I wish I had used 12 strands. I need more. I wore this to work and got several compliments on it, which surpised me. It just goes to show, just cuz I am not happy with it, don't mean that it will not please someone else.

Now off to poke around for some interesting beads and see if I can find that silky cord stuff.

Do you already have some of these items in your inventory? Did you buy them from Rings & Things? From now till the end of July, they are having a contest for Product Review! It's easy, just go to and post a review of your favorite product.

Oh, and if I squint I can see the weekend! I am ready!


  1. That is one beautiful necklace.

    I used to know where to get that cord. Let me think about it and I will have my second get in touch with your second.

  2. I am so ready for the weekend too! If only I had that "over the top" necklace to wear!! I would wear it with jeans, with a suit, with capris and with my pajamas!! LOVE this so much!!

  3. Lisa - you are my hero for being a PJ Diva - Work it!