Friday, July 31, 2009

Rings & Things blogger challenge - Sterling connector

Ever have one of those e-pif-anys when you are working on a project and the answer just comes. The heavens part and a single sun beam lights up the world around you, and you know what you need to do.

I was working on the Summer Breeze necklace, all my 'ingredients' scattered out in front of me, along with the other July blogger challenge packets, and that is when it happened. Everyonceinawhile I would look up from what I was doing and look at the packets, sigh and go back to work - nuthun - no inspiration. After about the 20th time looking up, it hit me, plain as day!

Mentally I smacked my forehead, out loud I sed - "Well Duh!, how could you not have thought of this!" I put down Summer Breeze and started to work before my muse got mad and left me again. She is a fickle one in the summer.

Here is what I used -

24 ga sterling wire

Connector, Sterling Silver, Pointed, 39mm, 2 Loop (Limited Stock) (Sterling Silver)

Crystal Bead, Cube, 8mm (Topaz/ Aurora Borealis)

Crystal Bead, Cube, 8mm (Montana/ Aurora Borealis)

Bead, Glass, Firepolish, Round, 4mm (Assorted)

Bead, Cast, Turkish Style, 4mm (Antiqued Silver)

Bead, Metal, Spacer, Coil (Silver Plated)

Clasp, Sterling Silver, Lobster (Sterling Silver)

Chain, Footage, Flattened Drawn Cable, 4.8mm (Silver Plated)

Cord End, Suede, Fold-Over (Silver Plated)

Rattail™, Standard (Size #1 Weight) (Black) (Remember this from a thousand challenges ago, I finally used it!)

Here she is kids - My Heart over Montana


  1. Neat wire wrapping, set nicely against that glossy black cord :)


  2. Great use of the materials, Tish! I like the way you use the rattail, will have to remember that!

  3. Very neat! Excellent use of beads & windings.